A Nice Bit Of Skirt

The humble skirt, probably one of my most overlooked items of clothing. If I feel the need for something slightly more feminine I usually reach for a dress as they are so easy. Just the one item of clothing to throw on and the only concern is what shoes to wear. When you go for a skirt you have to work out the top half too. That’s just lazy dressing though, I’m going to try and make a concerted effort to embrace the skirt this summer.

I’ve narrowed this down to 5 types of summer skirt. All based on skirts I own obviously, as this is MY blog so I shall do as I please. I can only hope that it will inspire some of you along the way. As I have mentioned before, I’m not a trained stylist, I’m just sharing the outfits I like and wear. So here we go…



Well, not exactly button-through, but it does have buttons on it… Artistic license again. This post was inspired mainly by the purchase of this skirt from M&S. Yes, M&S again, even after the excitement of that leopard dress earlier this week! If I hear of it coming back in stock again I will let you know over on Instagram. But, back to the skirt, it’s made from Cheese Cloth! I didn’t realise that was actually a real thing, I thought it was just a name for cotton clothes from the 1970s. Turns out it is an actual type of fabric that is used in the making of cheese! who knew? This is the perfect summer skirt. I will wear mine with a simple T-shirt and fancy trainers. Gucci will elevate any outfit! For those looking for a really good simple white T-shirt, Boden do really good quality ones and knitwear from Cos, always a winner,  I love the colour of this jumper.

cheese cloth skirt and gucci trainers

1. M&S Cheese Cloth Midi Skirt 
2. Gucci Leather Disco Bag 
3. Boden White Crew Neck T Shirt 
4. Gucci Ace Embroidered Sneakers
5. Cos Cotton Knit Jumper 



Sometimes floral skirts are hard to pull off over 40. So go for ones that are just a little bit racy, maybe a split, or a wrap over that flashes a bit of leg every so often. We might be a bit older, but we don’t want to feel like Great Aunt Muriel just yet. As my friend Tina says, ‘I’d rather be mutton dressed as lamb, than mutton dressed at mutton’, Amen to that! Both these floral skirts have leg slits and would look great with simple white trainers. Don’t be afraid to team your trusty Breton Top with a different pattern. I think it really works.

lily and lionel skirt



Still a summer staple, the old faithful denim skirt. In my youth I went for denim skirts that literally only just covered my arse. These days I prefer a more modest version. I still favour the classic button up front, but let’s keep it to a more respectable length. I still think I can get away with a mini-skirt, but only in the winter when accompanied with a 80 denier tight. This denim one from New Look is a winner in blue and in white and only £25. I will pair my denim skirt with this amazing blouse I ordered from Studio B. I saw it on their Instagram while I was on the tube and literally purchased it in the 3 minutes between South Ealing and Acton Town. Instagram is very dangerous place for the impulse buyer!

fruit and vegetable shirt denim skirt veja trainers

1. Studio B Karen Mabon Fruit and Veg Silk Shirt 
2. Cos Green Silk Knit Cardigan 
3. New Look Blue Button Up Denim Skirt 
4.New Look Off White Button Up Skirt 
5. Veja Mesh and Suede Trainers



I do love polka dot, it’s rapidly turning into one of my ‘repeat buys’. I should do a blog full of my repeat buys soon. Or have I done that already? I can’t remember. But, polka dots are up there, I have 2 dresses, 4 shirts, and 2 skirts currently. Surely that’s more than any woman needs? I went for day-time look last time I mentioned the polka dot skirt, so let’s dress it up a bit this time. I bought this one from M&S a few weeks ago. How their profits are down is beyond me, I’m practically throwing money at them on a daily basis!

marks and spencer polka dot skirt

1. Jigsaw Cross Back Camisole Top 
2. Reiss Single Breasted Blazer
3. M&S Spotted Ruffle Maxi-Skirt 
4. The Outnet Anya Hindmarch Clutch (extra 40% off) 
5. & Other Stories Suede 2 Strap Sandals 



If you’d rather not go for patterns or anything too fussy, then the simple block colour skirt might be one for you. I like a skirt in bright colour. It means you can get away with something bold even though it might not necessarily suit your colouring. For example I love yellow, but next to my face it just doesn’t work for me, however a yellow in a skirt is perfect, as I can break it up with more flattering colour on the top half. Is Black a flattering colour? maybe not, but I still love it.

colour block jigsaw guns n roses t shirt

1. Mango Guns N Roses T-Shirt
2. Cos Silk Top With Tie Waist
3. Jigsaw Colour Block Pleated Skirt 
4. Mango Leather Envelope Clutch Bag
5. & Other Stories Pointed Suede Slingbacks 



Bonus round! just because I love the look of this blue one from Sandro AND it’s in the sale! The sales will all have started by the end of this week I reckon, so there will be bargains out there to be had. I will try and do a quick blog with my sales picks if I have time this week. The Outnet has 40% extra off a load of things this weekend and I know the Net-A-Porter Sale starts tomorrow. If you put things in your basket today they will alert you if they’ve gone on sale. Useful for those high-ticket items! sandro colour block blue skirt

1. Sandro Colour Block A Line Skirt 
2. Next Suede Circle Bag 
3. Topshop Wanderlust Slogan Sweatshirt 
4. Vans Blue Checkerboard Slip-ons 
5. & Other Stories Embroidered Crop Sweatshirt 


Of course, MY ultimate skirt has to be this one from Olivia Rubin that I love, own, and have featured on the blog a few times in the past. How do you feel about skirts? Are they a big part of your wardrobe? Or do they lay neglected at the back in favour of jeans and a T-shirt?

K x

6 thoughts on “A Nice Bit Of Skirt

  1. I so know what you mean about skirts, but then I’m worse with dresses!
    I think in my case I feel too dressed up, so for me skirts are worn with tees and sneakers or sandals. I love florals and stripes together, and a leather biker makes it feel more modern.
    Thanks for some inspo to get me wearing my skirts again!

    1. I know what you mean about feeling too dressy. I always favour a trainer or a boot with my skirts and dresses x

  2. Since skirts went midi (and my knees went south) I’ve become a big fan of a swishy skirt and tee or sweatshirt with embroidery or ‘some writing’ (as described by my husband) on it. My New Look asymmetric gingham skirt from last year must be in fractions of pence on the CPW front by now. And a repeat post on repeat buys would be great, and have a certain ring to it 😉

  3. Being tall and also having had some broken vein treatment a few months ago which is still fairly obvious, I’m always looking for a good midi length skirt that truly is mid calf, not just below the knee. The new Look one looks too short to do the job but there are some really good idea here I’m going to follow up on. Great post and you’re the first blogger I have ever signed up to follow (at least I hope that’s what I am doing!) x

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