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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Summer Sales Are Go

This is a break from my normal Sunday posts because,

A. I’ve been rather busy with my real job this week so I haven’t had too much time to put together all the nice outfit pictures I usually do, and…

B. The Summer Sales have started! That means a theme is petty pointless, what we are all really looking for is bargains galore!

I’ve written about the sales a few times in the past. to recap my main piece of advice is, only buy it in the sales if you contemplated buying at full price. Of course you didn’t actually buy it at full price, but you thought about it. That’s a good rule of thumb for avoiding mistakes. Sales are a great time to get that designer piece you’ve been lusting after but couldn’t justify the cost at full price. I hate the actual shops when the sales are on, too much like a jumble sale free-for-all, so stick to online shopping where you can search out your desired items in your size from the comfort of your own living room.

The exceptions to this rule are Liberty and Selfridges — or any of the high-end department stores. I like to pop in there towards the end of the sales period to scope out the dregs-of-the-sales-huge-discount bargains. I barely go into the high street shops as the mess sets my teeth on edge. I get enough mess at home without getting it on the high street thanks very much.

I’ve sectioned my picks into two categories, simply, High End and High Street. So let’s start at the top…


I have found SO much stuff I love, but I’ve tried to reign myself in a bit and have selected 20 items that I think will either last for a long time or that are just pretty, that you wouldn’t be able to justify were it not for the sales…


Some of these I actually bought full price (Hello Cos Cardigan), which is always annoying but I’m sharing the love with a crop of lovely discounted items…

Happy Shopping, do you have your eye on anything in particular in the sales? Normal service will resume next week. By the way I have finally got around to updating the Shop My Instagram section of this blog — check it out via the main menu bar.

K x

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