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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Top Of The Crops

I’m talking about cropped trousers here ladies, Not crop tops. My days of sporting a crop top are long long gone. I did used to have a photo of me as a 17 year old pinned to the fridge for a while, in a vain effort to stop my excessive cheese consumption. In this photo I was wearing Levis 501s and an unfeasibly small crop top, my stomach was like a washboard. Two. children and a case middle-age spread later and it now resembles uncooked bread dough. I took the photo down in the end. It wasn’t realistic and made me cross. Besides, I’d rather have a bit of a belly than deprive myself of cheese and wine. Priorities…

Now, cropped trousers, I’ve discussed the wide-leg variety in the past and they still remain a staple in my wardrobe, but I’m branching out here with a few more styles, tapered leg, chino cut, that kind of caper. I know a few of my more diminutive readers have had concerns in the past that cropped trousers might make them look even shorter, but I don’t hold that opinion. I have many friends below 5’4, who I have converted into crop trouser-wearers. you might have to lop a bit more off the bottom, but that can be done at any good dry-cleaners, or whip out your own needle and thread.

Crop Trousers are also a great summer work option, I’ve tried to include a few outfits here that would work perfectly in the office, and one that’s a great evening-out look. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I almost always  end up buying at least one of the items I feature in these Sunday blog posts. Last week was that Zara dress, this week it has to be the Mango ‘Common Sense’ T Shirt. I am stunned on a daily basis at how many people these days do NOT have an ounce of it. Must be getting old. Although, saying that, buying something from my own blog almost every week isn’t exactly common sense either is it?


Let’s start with what I would call my typical ‘Mum Uniform’, Stripe top, tan handbag, sweatshirt. Adding a bit of flash with these great J Crew leopard sandals. For me, Cos do some of the best trousers on the high street. Their cut is excellent, they also do a great line in stripy tops and we all know how much we love our striped tops…

1. Cos 3/4 Sleeve Striped Top 
2. Marks & Spencer Leather Cross Body Bag 
3. Whistles Salut Sweatshirt 
4. Cos Dense Cotton Trousers
5. J Crew Buckled Gladiator Sandals 


I guess these could go into jeans territory but they are a smarter option I feel. This outfit would work for the office. I have these Boden shoes, they are less bright yellow in real life and nice and comfortable. Love them with blue, must wear them soon. The Outnet is on fire at the moment. I have so many things in my virtual shopping basket on that site, including this Sandro jacket…

1. & Other Stories Sunset Knit Top
2. The Outnet Sandro Striped Cotton Jacquard Jacket 
3. Mango Pleat Detail Trousers 
4. Boden Leah Jewelled Flats 


Now, these are a no-brainer in my book. I have a ‘thing’ for Navy Blue Cropped Trousers and I think they are an item every woman should own. A great alternative to jeans and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. All but one of my 5 pairs have been bought from Cos, the navy trouser is something they do every season in every style and I have to stop myself from repeat buying too much!

1. Mango Common Sense T Shirt 
2. Mango Military Style Over Shirt 
3. Cos Cropped Cotton Poplin Trousers
4. Mansur Gavriel Leather Bucket Bag 
5. Axel Arigato Suede Trim Trainers 


This is an evening look for your crops. It’s also an excuse to tell you about the BEST BLACK LEATHER JACKET EVER! It’s by Set, a brand I hadn’t even heard of until last month. I made the huge mistake of trying it on when I was up in Wilmslow the other week visiting Jo at her amazing Black White Denim boutique. I went there wearing my own perfectly decent black Leather jacket, but once I tried this one I just couldn’t bring myself to take it off. It’s the softest, MOST comfortable leather jacket ever. I had to buy it. I’ve worn it almost every day since, so I think with my cost-per-wear mathematics, it will have paid for itself by about November. 

1. Ganni Red Leopard Print Shirt 
2. Set Leather Biker Jacket 
3. & Other Stories Mid Rise Culottes 
4. Mango Black Coffer Bag 
5. Topshop Block Heel Sandals 


Sorry for featuring more things that are in my actual wardrobe, but that’s kind of how I operate. You should maybe know that by now. I popped in to & Other Stories last week. I was torn between these 2 shirts. They are the same style, great 3/4 sleeves and a nice flattering cut. I thought they would go well with the Top Shop trousers I bought last month, they are actually more cream than white to be fair, but ‘Cream Cropped Trousers’ didn’t have the same ring to it… I plumped for the green, because someone once said  I suited green…

1. & Other Stories Relaxed Fit Green Blouse
2. & Other Stories Relaxed Fit White Print Blouse 
3. Top Shop Boutique Cropped Wide Leg Trousers 
4. The Outnet Ganni Denim Jacket 
5. Golden Goose Leopard Print Star Trainers 

That’s all for this week. As I mentioned before, I have a terrible habit of repeat buying the same clothes, Navy Trousers, Striped Tops, Denim Shirts, Khaki Jackets, to name but a few. What items to do find yourself repeat buying?

K x

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