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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Well, Colour Me Happy... Rainbow Style

I’m not sure if it’s a scientific fact that wearing colour makes you happy, but I do think it helps. Anything we can do to boost our mood at the moment is OK with me. If that means stockpiling Lindt Mini Easter Eggs, Bulk buying fizzy wine, having 2 Chocolate Digestives and a coffee at exactly 4pm, then that’s all good. Those are obviously MY ways of coping. I’m sure you have yours.

I do have a thing about the set times I allow myself to have these things. I definitely get that from my parents. Morning coffee has to be before 11am. Afternoon coffee cannot be after 5pm. As soon as the clock strikes 6pm then it’s wine time. I prefer my Chocolate portion after dinner around 9pm. Rarely do I deviate from this. Even in lockdown. BUT this week we were supposed to be on holiday so all bets are off for the bank holiday. Might even have a Mimosa at breakfast today.

But, as fascinating as I’m sure my treat habits are, this blog is about COLOUR! I did start looking at Rainbow clothes, because it’s become somewhat of an emblem for hope at this time, but they are limited if you’re over the age of 8, so I decided to do just a few Rainbow colours. However, it just felt right to do the whole lot. I still have to sing the Rainbow song in my head to get all the colours though…Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Orange and Purple and Blue. I can sing a Rainbow, sing a Rainbow, can you sing a Rainbow too? I also still have to sing the alphabet in my head to get the letters in the right order too. God bless the British education system.


Red. Not just for Handmaids, but something for us all. But on The Handmaids Tale, how much does going to the supermarket now feel like we are living in Gilead? You have to go alone, move in the same direction, only take what you need, don’t get close to anyone or look them in the eye, and don’t linger over the oranges. If you haven’t read the book or seen the TV series, do so. It might actually make you feel better about our current situation as we don’t have it as bad as that yet. As ever, I’m not here to encourage you to buy anything, but  if you’re in the market for sandals, then I have to say these kind of trekky sandals are here to stay and are super comfortable. On the same tip, New Balance Trainers are also kings of comfort, but go up a size as they tend to come up quite small.

1. Quay Red Persuasive Sunglasses 
2. Joanie Bring Me Sunshine T Shirt 
3. LF Markey Red Marlow Jacket 
4. Arizona Love Red Bandana Sandals 
5. H&M Bell Shaped Paper Bag Skirt 
6. New Balance 574 Trainers 


I did a whole blog on yellow back in February. Feels like a lifetime ago now though. I won’t bang on again too much about how yellow can make you feel, but in short, it’s a big mood lifter and YES you can find a shade that will suit you. You don’t have to go the full big bird, but maybe just try a pop of yellow with your denim. Although if money were no object, I’d totally get this Mara Hoffman dress to waft around the garden in.

1. LF Markey Striped Bag
2. Chinti & Parker Outlet T Shirt 
3. Mara Hoffman Knot Front Dress 
4. Raey Dad Boyfriend Jeans 
5. Veja Campo Yellow Trainers 


I never used to be much fo a pink fan, but recently I’ve been loving it. Not so much the bright fuchsias but more the putty pinks and pale corals. I just painted the living room pink, with matching pink velvet curtains (not a euphemism), and I love it. Living in a house full of boys, I needed one room to be a bit more feminine. I had hoped they might not like it so would stay out, but seems teenage boys and grown men are also not actually adverse to a good bit of pink.

1. & Other Stories Puff Sleeve Blouse 
2. & Other Stories Puff Sleeve Cardigan 
3. Monki Straight Leg Linen Blend Trousers 
4. H&M Vintage High Jeans 
5. Saucony Jazz Original Vintage Trainers
6. New Balance 574 Trainers 


Ah Green, my favourite of all the rainbow colours. I’m not sure why I like it so much but I do. Check out the Green Dress blog from last month if you’re also a Green fan. This Jacket and trousers from Whistles are both wardrobe staples for me. Obvs you don’t have to wear them together like this, but a good pair of khaki trousers are something you’ll wear forever. I have a similar pair from The Gap that I’ve had for years and years and they come out every Spring/Summer and work great with a white T Shirt and white Birkenstocks. I’ll do another capsule wardrobe blog soon that will no doubt incorporate these things.

1. Whistles Pale Green Utility Jacket 
2. Trucker Detroit T Shirt 
3. Whistles Pale Green Ultimate Cargo Trousers
4. Topshop Green Gingham Check Skirt 
5. Birkenstock Arizona Two Strap Sandals


So, full disclosure, orange is not something I wear very often. Apart from around Halloween. I love seasonal theme dressing. Although thinking about it. I do have a great Orange and blue striped jumper from Wyse that I love and I have these Kin trousers in orange too. Maybe a more subtle Coral would be more my thing. This Top Shop dress is right up my street, I imagine wearing in the summer, with a tan. The tan will be out of bottle as there’s no holidays this year, but that’s fine. We had planned to go to LA in the summer and drive up the coast to San Francisco then fly to Vancouver to visit the In-laws. Luckily we never got around to booking that one. We’ll have to revisit that idea next year instead.

1. Cos Knitted Cotton Cardigan 
2. Anine Bing Logo T Shirt 
3. Topshop Neon Coral Check Midi Dress
4. People Tree Montana Linen Culottes 
5. Shoe The Bear Joy Sandals 


Purple reminds me of my youth .It reminds me of being a Suburban Goth and making Saturday pilgrimages to Kensington Market to buy purple Paisley Shirts and black net skirts. These would be worn with the worlds pointiest boots, a ribbon choker and a dash of Patchouli oil. Oh, and don’t forget the Joss Sticks to mask the smell of smoking your pack of 10 Silk Cuts out of your teenage bedroom window. These days, I favour a less intense perfume and a less intensive shade of purple. I’ll be sticking the Lilac, worn with whites.

1. Hush Fluffy Lilac Jumper 
2. Mango Embroidered Cotton Shirt 
3. Monki White Cotton Shorts 
4. Cos Mauve High Waist Straight Leg Jeans 
5. Cos Chunky Leather Sandals 


Finally we get to blue. The easiest of all the rainbow colours to wear surely. This one would also be the simplest one to recreate from your own wardrobe. Just chuck all your blue clothes at the same time. Job done. Or alternatively mix up your primary colours, but then you do run the risk of looking like a kids TV presenter, or worse, a member of JLS circa 2008.

1. Warehouse Embroidered Frill Blouse 
2. Cos Relaxed Coton Chinos 
3. H&M Flounce trim Maxi Dress 
4. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Trainers 

Thanks for reading again. I hope you are all coping OK with the current situation. I have no advice, just do what you can to make yourself happy, also, bonus point for knowing what film ‘Well, Colour me happy, there’s a sofa in here for 2’ comes from.

K x

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