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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Warehouse and Whistles

Warehouse and Whistles for Wednesday

Just a quickie for a mid-week treat. It’s the first of the month and chances are you’ve just been paid and are now browsing online for a bargain, or is it just me that MUST spend money the minute it hits my bank account? You are in luck as both Warehouse and Whistles are doing 20% off this week.

In recent years I’ve largely ignored both of these shops. I used to shop in Whistles quite a bit, but it is sometimes just a bit too grown-up for me and the patterns were a bit too obvious. If you were wearing Whistles at a gathering with other 40 somethings, there would be high chance you’ll turn up in the same printed dress as your nemesis. That said, the clothes are well made and classic, so the basics do justify the price. I have Whistles jumpers and T‑shirts from years ago that have stood the test of time, and even today I am re-visiting my old red pleated skirt.

Whistles skirt

Until March 5th (Sunday) they have 20% off pretty much all of the range, no code needed. Here’s my pick…

Warehouse also has a 20% off promo, use the code SPRINGFORWARD. I never really darkened their doors at all until last year when I stopped a stylish lady in the street to ask her where her dress was from, (actually, I lie, it wasn’t in the street, it was in Hotel Chocolat but I didn’t want you to think I spend all my time in sweet shops) I was expecting her to say Marni or something, but, No it was Warehouse. I wore that dress a lot last summer and no doubt with re-visit this year too.

Warehouse Dress

Warehouse have upped their game and changed their image, they used to just be a bit cheap and a poor relation to Topshop, but they have re-branded, got a new designer and now are really worth visiting. Here’s my pick of their range with 20% off this week.

Happy shopping!
K x

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