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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Wardrobe Staples : The Denim Shirt

So, it’s 2017. Thank God for that. Despite me saying in my previous post that I don’t like staying up late at parties, we ended up having a NYE party at our house and I was getting out the old rave 12″ vinyls at 2am. So maybe one resolution for me should me, just go with it, you might have a good time. You don’t look back at all those great times when you went to bed early do you? (But I do really love going to bed early) This year I’m going to try and go with the flow a bit more, you never know what might happen. I let my children pick our holidays for this year, so now we are off to Norfolk at Easter and New York and Boston in the summer. Neither of which I would have really thought of, but am very happy with both of their choices!

I digress, this post isn’t really about the New Year, but I am attempting a new series on classic wardrobe staples. Starting with the denim shirt. To be honest I’m starting this series purely selfishly, as I’m hoping it will help curb my spending somewhat by giving me ideas on how to wear things I already own. I was going to *try* and not buy any new clothes in January, I’ve tried and failed before, and being that it’s my birthday month, I usually turn to shopping to help cheer me up, but let’s see how long I can last. All the sales stuff I’ve ordered that haven’t arrived yet obviously don’t count, so that ought to keep me satisfied for about a week.

So, we all own a denim shirt right? It’s a classic. I think it’s even more useful than a white shirt. White shirts tend to make you look like a waiter if you wear them with black trousers or skirt, plus they need a lot of ironing and washing. Denim is more practical alternative for a lazy-arse like myself. Here’s how I’m thinking of styling up my denim shirt, with 4 other classic wardrobe items…


It’s tricky, I grant you, there are still painful memories of Justin and Britney, but so long as you mix your denim shades, you’ll be fine, trust me…

Double Denim, Green Bombere Jacket1. M&S Cotton Shirt — £25
2. Mango Straight Leg Jeans — £19.99 (were £35.99)
3. Rebecca Minkoff Bag — £135 (was £192)
4. Topshop Fur Lined Bomber — £25 (was £45)
5. Stella McCartney Elyse Flatforms


I have far too many leather skirts, but my favourite is the long pencil skirt. I got mine about 5 years ago from ASOS and have worn it every year, in summer with bare legs and in winter with a quality pair of 100 deniers

Denim Shirt, Leather Pencil Skirt, Mary Jane shoes

1. Topshop Denim Shirt — £29.00
2. M&S Wool Coat — £59
3. Whistles Leather Pencil Skit £130 (was £195)
4. Boden Pointed Mary Janes £58 (were £129)


Massively easy way to make any outfit smart. Just chuck on a Blazer. Sorry for more of those Top Shop trousers, I can’t get enough. I just ordered this shirt and this Jacket too! (ordered last week so definitely don’t count in my not buying new things in January challenge)

Embroiderd Denim Shirt, J Crew Blazer, Mensy trousers

1. J Crew Navy Blazer — £144 (was £205)
2. Mango Denim Shirt — £39.99
3. Top Shop Gathered Waist Mensy Trousers £42
4. Mango Leather Flap Bag £19.99 (was £35.99)
5. Dune Leather Flatforms — £85


I feeling this much maligned item needs a comeback, so I’m digging out my cardis this winter, perfect over your denim shirt. Also, best black trousers I’ve found from & Other Stories,  wool, smart crease, great fit. Get some.

joseph cardigna, Denim Shirt, Wool Trousers, Duster Coat, Stan Smith Velcro

1. Joseph Wool Asymmetric Cardigan — £99 (was £225)
2. New Look Denim Shirt — £6.00 (was £22.99)
3. & Other Stories Wool Trousers — £52
4. Top Shop Duster Coat — £79
5. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers — £66.99


I think we can even make a denim shirt work for a night out. Add some great shoes and even a velvet jacket. If Sharon Stone can wear a white shirt to the Oscars, you can wear a denim shirt to dinner.

Denim Shirt, Velvet Blazer, Tulle Skirt, Miu Miu Ballet flats

1. J Crew Cotton Shirt — £80
2. Mango Velvet Blazer — £39.99 (was £69.99)
3. Needle & Thread Tulle Maxi Skirt — £66 ( was £110)
4. Miu Miu Velvet Studded Ballet Flats — £315 (were £525)

If there are any other classic wardrobe staples you’d like me to feature, please do let me know.

K x

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