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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Perfect Leather Jacket

I thought I would do something a little bit different this week and pick out one item that I think is just the best in its field and show you how you can style it with many an outfit. So I am starting off with my perfect leather jacket. I bought this Set Black Leather Jacket back in May (I got mine from Black White Denim). Even though I already had a perfectly decent Biker jacket, when I tried this on I didn’t want to take it off so I had to just buy it. It is the softest, most comfortable leather jacket the world has ever known, or at least in my world! It’s not cheap at £369, but it’s definitely an investment piece and one that will never go out of fashion. I’ve had mine for 5 months and cost per wear is already down to about £15, and falling fast!

A Black Leather Biker jacket is a wardrobe staple at any age. I went out for dinner last week with 3 other ladies of a certain age and we all turned up separately wearing one of these! You are never too young or too old to wear one. I bought my first one in Kensington Market when I was 15 with the £50 prize money I won in an art competition. I have owned many since then, they have seen me through the goth years, the rock years, the rave years, the toddler years, (remember, leather is a wipe-clean fabric which is a massive bonus for the toddler years!) and I still wear now in the teenage/mid forties years. But enough about me, let’s have a look at how you can style up this jacket in five different ways…(P.S. I will add some cheaper alternative leather and non-leather jackets in the sliding panels under each look)


Your classic ‘off duty’ look. I’m never really ‘on duty’, or should that be, I’m never really ‘off duty’, either way I could wear this any day of the week. I’m lucky enough to work in an office where you can wear whatever you feel like. Within reason, I mean I’m still not sure you should ever wear hotpants and a boob tube. Which I did see someone wearing last summer in the canteen. I know it was hot, but there are limits…

1. Set Fashion Black Leather Biker Jacket 
2. H&M Frenchie Printed Sweatshirt
3. Mango Bella Printed T Shirt 
4. Top Shop Boyfriend Hayden Jeans 
5. Vans Corduroy Slip Ons 


This dress is also one of my favourites and (at the time of writing) is now back in stock at M&S. It was gone, but now it is back for you all to enjoy again. Size down as it’s HUGE, but that’s part of the reason I like it so much A classic ‘buffet’ dress. You can eat all the Pizza and Meatballs you like in this dress and never fear a gut-busting wardrobe malfunction. I wear mine with chunky flat boots, but if you crave a bit of height I think it would be perfect with some knee-high heeled boots too. You can layer up in this dress too. Either with a light polo-neck or some Uniqlo heattech thermals underneath and your biker over the top obviously.

1. Boden Broadgate Leather Crossbody Bag 
2. M&S Floral Print Drop Waist Maxi Dress 
3. Set Fashion Black Leather Biker Jacket 
4. M&S Tall Leather Block Heel Boots
5. Ganni Shearling Lined Leather Edna Boots 


There’s something about a really smart pleated skirt that just goes so well with a biker jacket. I think it’s the smartness of the skirt and the rocker chic of the jacket that just work for me. If weather allows, go for classic Stan Smiths and a T‑shirt. If it’s too chilly, throw on some 100 deniers, a good Chelsea boot and a chunky roll neck. I am looking forward to busting out the polo neck jumpers soon. Instant double chin disguisers!

1. Set Fashion Black Leather Biker Jacket 
2. Boden Green Wool Daisy Jumper 
3. Blouse Printed Cotton T‑Shirt 
4. M&S Satin Pleated Midi Skirt 
5. Adidas Stan Smith Leather Trainers 


I never really thought much about silk shirts in my youth. For some reason I felt like they were only for older ladies who shop at Betty Barclay, or Joan Collins circa 1986. But no! they are totally cool. Barely need any ironing, hang really well, good day-to-night item. All round wardrobe essential I would say and go perfectly with your black leather biker jacket. The best silk shirts money can buy are by Equipment, but they come at a price. If your budget won’t allow one of those then check out Boden and &Other Stories for top quality alternatives. If you ever do splash out on a pair of Gucci Loafers, may I recommend you get the ‘Brixton’ ones with the fold-down heel. You will never fold down the heel but they are made from much softer leather than the other ones and therefore WAY more comfortable.

1. & Other Stories Printed Silk Shir
2. Set Fashion Black Leather Biker Jacket 
3. The Outnet Current Elliot Mid Rise Skinny Jeans 
4. Boden Silk Printed Shirt 
5. Gucci Brixton Horsebit Loafer


Hey, if Helen Mirren can still rock this look then what are you waiting for? Proving you can wear your leather jacket for any occasion, even on the red carpet. It gives a great edge to a very girly outfit. I find it very hard to be girly. I love a dress and beautiful shoes, but I rarely wear heels. In fact I never wear heels these days as I just don’t feel myself in them, but I know a lot of you do and still think they look amazing. This would be my ideal night out-outfit if I could walk in these shoes! Add this perfect tiny Gucci bag. I got these Dinny Hall earrings for Christmas about 3 years ago. They are pretty much the only ‘big’ earrings I ever wear. I like to wear them when I out my hair up and I think they balance out my long face!

1. Dinny Hall Gold Plated Bamboo Earrings
2. Lily and Lionel Black and Gold Lucy Dress
3. .Set Fashion Black Leather Biker Jacket
4. Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bag 
5. & Other Stories Suede Front Cut Boots 

As always, thanks for reading. Do let me know if there is anything you’d like me to write about. or if there are specific things you like/dislike about the blog. I may well completely ignore your suggestions, but it’s always good to get some feedback!

K x

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