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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


You asked for it, so here it is. The Big Boot Edit. Apologies in advance if you’re looking for knee-highs, they didn’t make the cut, because, frankly, I ran out of time, but I will try and include some in future posts if you can wait a while. What I have focused on are my five favourite boot options, Hiking, Lace-up, Western, Chelsea and Embellished. So I hope there will be some styles that take your fancy.

I LOVE boots. I have way too many, but they all serve a purpose (in my eyes) some look good with dresses, some suit a wide leg, some work with jeans, and some, if you’re very lucky go with everything. My favourite boots of all time are my Givenchy studded boots. I got them on a VERY fortuitous surprise 45% discount, but they were, and are, still the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought. However, they are now in their 4th Autumn/Winter season and I still love them, so they have worked out very well for my Fashion Maths cost-per-wear, so no regrets.

Stating the obvious but it is worth thinking about how much you will wear something before you buy. I’m a big fan of the high street for clothes, but if you’re looking for a classic pair of boots or shoes then it really pays to buy quality. Something that will properly last. After all you never really grow out of shoes. Although saying that, I swear I went up a half size after having children, so if you’re thinking of having babies, maybe wait until you pop one out before you drop top dollar on fancy boots…


Hiking boots really swept the season last year. I’d like to point out I had them first, but let’s be honest, it was undoubtedly Holly Willoughby wearing her Grensons in the jungle that made this trend enter the mainstream. I do love my Grenson Nanette boots, they are super comfortable and, even though they look heavy and chunky, are actually super super light. These were the originals, but there is now so much choice if this is the style for you. Shoe The Bear Agdas are also a top pick of mine, they do quite few colours now and they are also incredibly comfy.

1. & Other Stories Cropped Cardigan 
2. River Island Corduroy Mom Jeans 
3. Grenson Nanette Leather and Suede Boots 
4. Office Above All Zebra Hiking Boots 
5. Shoe The Bear Agda Leather Hiking Boots 
6. IvyLee Mountain Leopard Print Boots 


Ok, so not a huge difference here from the Hiking boots, I grant you, but if you’re not keen on the ‘I’m just popping out to get milk, but I might go via Ben Nevis’ look then these are a simpler style. My top picks are the Air & Grace Freya, which I know are still on the hiking spectrum, but just somehow a little sleeker and more streamlined. I also love the M&S leather and suede ones that remind me a little of Victorian hobnail boots, but without the hobs or the nails…

1. & Other Stories V Neck Ruffle Midi Dress 
2. Bertie Croc Print Leather Ankle Boots 
3. Timberland Blue Bell Lace Up Boots 
4. M&S Leather Panel Brown Lace-up Boots
5. Air & Grace Freya Lace Up Boots 


If you fancy a bit of heel, but not too much of heel then get yourself some western style boots. The classic ones for me are the Isabel Marant Dicker Boots. They have a nice wide opening at the top which helps if you want to give the illusion of slimmer ankles. Got to say though, M&S again have come up trumps with their take on these boots. They look very Ganni! The Jigsaw ones are super soft leather and would be perfect with cuffed or skinny jeans. I’ve got a discount code for Jigsaw right now. Use KATE20 at the checkout until Oct 9th for 20% off all full priced items. Get me with my very own code!

1. Hades Wool Joy Division Jumper 
2. Whistles Holly Button Front Jeans 
3. Isabel Marant Suede Dicker Boots 
4. M&S Leather Western Ankle Boots 
5. Office Avail Croc Print Western Boots 
6. Jigsaw Austen Cuban Boots 


I swear by my Dr Marten Kensington Chelsea Boots. I bought them last year and at first they were a bit stiff. You do really have to give DMs time for the leather to loosen up. Now they are my go to plain black boots and just look better with every wear. But other Chelsea boots are available, so I’m giving them a chance to shine. My favourite new pair are the Brown Clarks ones with the gum sole. Is it a sign of getting older that Clarks shoes now appeal more than they ever did? Or have they had a overhaul like Per Una?

1. Boden Zoe Fairisle Sweater
2. Kïn Orange Balloon Trousers 
3. Clarks Trace Cora Tan Leather Chelsea Boots 
4. ASOS White Leather Chelsea Boots 
5. Steve Madden Leopard Print Chelsea Boots 
6. Dune Queston Brown Leather Boots 


Maybe you want something with a bit more sparkle, a wow factor for your feet, some studs for your shoes, then these are the ones for you. Keep the rest of your outfit super simple to give the boots the biggest impact. Obviously the Chloe Susanna is the queen of the embellished boot brigade. A real investment purchase but I’ve had mine for nearly 5 years now and they still get compliments every time they come out. They are very loud though. I feel like Jon Bon Jovi when I wear them, and people can hear me coming long before I get there.

1. Soliman Long Sleeve Cotton Mini Dress
2. New Look Double Breasted Teddy Coat
3. Kurt Geiger Studded Chelsea Boots
4. Chloe Susanna Studded Ankle Boots 
5. Hush Leather Star Ankle Boots 
6. Sam Edelman Jennifer Stud Combat Boots 

What is your boot style of choice? Are you a Western or a hiker kind of a girl?

K x

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