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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

I’ll Get My Coat (again)

Sorry that everytime I blog about Coats, I title it ‘I’ll Get My Coat’. I’ve tried to think of other witty headings, but I’ve got nothing… I would say that after shoes and boots, coats are my favourite items of clothing. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because you will wear and wear a good coat for years, plus in the winter it’s something you will wear everyday, so the cost per wear should make even an expensive one worth it in fashion maths terms.

Remember when you were younger and you hated to go out with a coat on as it ruined the outfit? You’d rather freeze waiting to get into club that have to put your coat in the cloakroom. Why was that? did we not have the extra £1 to pay the coat check girl? We’d rather either not wear one or stuff it down the bag of sofa. I learnt the hard way that this was not a good idea, when at the end of very long night/morning at the infamous Trade night at Turnmills in Clerkenwell, I went to grab my jacket and it was covered in sick. Nice.

These days I don’t go to nightclubs that start at 2am. I don’t go to nightclubs that end at 2am either. I don’t go to nightclubs at all. I get into a panic if I’m not in bed by 11pm latest to be honest. I also don’t have a problem wearing a coat. In fact a lot of the time I won’t even take it off as it’s the best part of my outfit. I’ve picked out 5 styles of coat for this season, let’s take a look.


Note to self, repeat after me… ‘You do not need another check winter coat’. I have a perfectly decent Sandro one that I bought last year so I SHALL be resisting buying a new one, but if I didn’t have that ‚then this Jigsaw one would be toppermost of my top check coat list. I tried it on in the shop the other week, ‘just to see’ and it’s even better in real life. It also has a beautiful navy velvet backing to the collar, so when you pop it up in the bleak midwinter you look even more stylish. I’d go full on country casuals and pair with tweed trousers and a fairisle sweater. And some chunky boots (obvs).

check autumn coats

1. Jigsaw Heritage Check Maxi Coat (use KATE 20 for 20% off until Oct 9) 
2. Brora Lambswool Fairisle Cardigan 
3. Shoe The Bear Bex Leather Ankle Boots 
4. Cos Cropped Wool Mix Trousers 


classic autumn coats

A classic overcoat is a no brainer. I tend to size up on an overcoat so it will fit nicely over chunky jumpers when it gets colder. Plus the oversized look is totally in right now. Don’t go too far though, you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve shrunk yourself in the wash. Jst oversized enough so you don’t get that annoying tight arms when you wear a bigger sweater. Mango and M&S are my go-tos for great overcoats.

classic coat

1. Baum und Pferdgarten Two Tone Jumper 
2. A.P.C. Tan Leather Cross Body Bag 
3. & Other Stories Corduroy A Line Skirt 
4. Mango Structured Wool Coat 
5. Gucci Brixton Black Leather Loafers 


short autumn coats

Basically we’re talking about Pea coats here. A great alternative if you shy away from longer coats. Got to be honest though, my favourite things about this section are the corduroy Toast dress and the Mango bag. The dress is on my wish list, my friend tried it on last weekend and I was almost pleased when she didn’t buy it as I want it! I bloody love corduroy. I think I might do another dedicated cord post soon. This Mango bag is SO GUCCI! It’s not cheap for Mango at nearly £120, but it’s such a great alternative to the real thing. I love it.


1. Clea Silk Goddess Pendant 
2. Mango Stirrup Leather Handbag 
3. Arket Tweed Wool Pea Coat 
4. Toast Navy Needlecord Tiered Dres
5. Grenson Nanette Beige Suede Boots 


camel autumn coats

Did you know that Camel Coats were actually once made from Camel Hair? In the 2nd World War when wool was in short supply they turned to camel hair to make coats from. Hence the name. There might be more to this story, but that’s what I heard so I’m sticking to it. Camel Coats are an absolute classic. I have one I got from Uniqlo about 4 years ago and I wear it every year around this time. Looks great with an otherwise all black outfit.

camel coat

1. Kin Relaxed Crombie Style Coat 
2. & Other Stories Cashmere Puff Sleeve Jumper 
3. Grenson Ella Lace Up Ankle Boots 
4. M&S Faux Leather Straight Leg Trousers 


autumn parka coats

Everyone needs a parka. Or in the case of Liam Gallagher, you ONLY need a parka. I worked with him this past week and can confirm he never takes his Parka off. He is a big fan of my cats though, so he gets bonus points for that. In other pop news, I designed a sweatshirt for Disko Kids that launched this week! It’s my ‘homage’ to my favourite, Phil Collins. Don’t go calling him a guilty pleasure, for I feel no guilt. No Jacket Required when wearing this sweatshirt, but you might need a coat as it’s getting chilly. The jumpers come up small, so go one size up if you buy. The T Shirts are true to size though. Pair with these great jeans from Kin, they don’t look all that in this pic, but look great on and are very flattering.

parka coats

1. La Redoute Leopard Print Bag
2. Diskokids x Wearsmymoney Printed Sweatshirt 
3. Arket Oversized Fishtail Parka 
4. Kin Tapered Crop Indigo Jeans 
5. Aldo Leopard Print Brogues 

What coat to you turn to when the chill sets in? or are you like me and have a coat for every occasion?

K x

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