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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Spring Shoes Are Go

Happy Easter one and all! Spring has finally sprung! The blossoms are out, Wisteria Watch is in full effect, and the tickets to the Chelsea Flower show have been purchased. it’s this time of year that I suddenly become interested in Gardening, cannot wait to get down the garden centre and plant a few seeds. It doesn’t last. By June I’ve usually given up, but it’s nice while it lasts.

It’s not quite time for the big Summer wardrobe switchover. You don’t want to peak to soon and be back in the thermals come May. What you can probably safely do though is put away the 100 deniers and the Hiking Boots and get out the shoes that look best with a bare ankle. There are just some shoes that look better without socks. Therefore they are deserved of the name ‘Spring Shoes’. I’ve picked out my 5 essential pairs. I’ve also tried to feature some for all price points. There’s usually a High Street alternative to the designer classics if you look hard enough.


This week it was warm enough to declare loafer season officially open. I am a wuss when it comes to the cold and if I brave a bare ankle too early it chills me to the bone. Loafers are shoes that demand no foot undergarments. You just can’t wear a sock with a loafer. It won’t fly. For that pure Eurotrash loafer look, you’ve got to go naked. Obviously the king of the loafer is Gucci. If you’re thinking of splashing out, then may I suggest you go for the ‘Brixton’ version with the heel that can fold down. You may never need that feature but the leather is WAY softer than the regular ones and they need zero breaking-in time.

1. H&M Conscious Collection Lyocell Shirt 
2. Top Shop Khaki Longline Jacket 
3. Levis 50 Cropped Jeans 
4. Gucci Brixton Red Leather Loafers 
5. Top Shop Red Suede Koppa Loafers 


My Isabel marant Dicker boots are one of the first pair of designer shoes I bought. They are also, along with my gold Gucci shoes, the only pair of ‘High’ heels I own and actually wear. The suede Cowboy style ankle boots are a really easy pair to wear, they qualify for being a ‘Spring Shoe’ by the very nature of them being suede. even if you use a protector you can’t really go suede too much in the winter, they don’t stand up to constant rain. They do go great with Khaki though, and we all love a bit of Khaki these days, right? Pair with a dress or a pair of slim chinos or jeans.

1. Mango Floral Embroidery Blouse
2. Warehouse Tiered T Shirt Dress 
3. Baukjen Rhain Cargo Pants (use code WMM20 for 20% off all Baukjen
4. Isabel Marant Suede Dicker Boots 
5. Next Suede Western Ankle Boots 


I love a hi top. Always have. Probably stems from the pair of Travel Fox trainers I had circa 1988. Worn with an oversized Slam City Skates T Shirt, cropped leggings and, inexplicably, a headband. I loved a headband when I was 15. I also had dark red hair. Not sure what look I was going for, but it was definitely a statement.  While I’m not about to repeat that full look, I still favour a Hi-Top, maybe more Golden Goose, Air & Grace and Vans these days (Whatever happened to Travel Fox?) I’ll still be found in a pair of dungarees too. But this time teamed with a lace blouse rather than a Global Hypercolour T Shirt and a patchwork cap. The late 80’s. the time style forgot.

1. Top Shop Black Denim Dungarees
2. Gucci Red Soho Disco Bag 
3. Mango White Lace Blouse 
4. Air and Grace Glitter Leopard Alto Trainers 
5. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage 


Is it too early for sandal season? Maybe, so we will leave out the barely there strappy numbers for now and focus on the chunkier versions. I’m basically saying ‘Buy a pair of Birkenstocks’, but I know they are not to everyone’s taste. I love mine. I have a white pair that are now about 7 years old, they are literally beginning to fall apart, but they are still my go-to sandal when the sun shines. I’ve just bought a plastic pair too, my husband attempted to compare them to his Crocs that won’t fly with me. Yes, they may be ugly, but they don’t have holes where your dignity falls out…  Why not pair your Birks with a nice blouse and some wide leg jeans.

1. Monsoon Hope Heart Print Blouse 
2. A.P.C Demi Lune Leather Cross Body Bag 
3. M&S High Neck Long Sleeve Printed Blouse 
4. H&M Denim Pull On Wide Leg Trousers 
5. Office Supersonic Footbed Sandals 
6. Birkenstock Red Patent Arizona Sandals 


Finally a spring shoe that needs no introduction. One I’m pretty sure you will already have lurking in your shoe stack. Out of interest, how do you store your shoes? I keep mine in their boxes and stack them up in my dressing area. It does feel a bit like a game of Tetris to fit them all in. But due to the finite amount of space I do have to abide by my ‘one in, one rule’. Pair your plain white trainers with floral dresses. I have this one from Lily & Lionel that I LOVE.  I was thinking of saving for an ‘event’ but I think it needs an airing soon regardless.

1. Lily and Lionel Black Wonderland Rae Dress 
2. Arket Green Floral Crepe Dress 
3. Seven Feet Apart Original 172 Trainers
4. Top Shop Cola White Lace Up Trainers 

Have a lovely Sunday and the very welsome extra ‘Sunday’ tomorrow.

K x

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