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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Just 5 Things I Like Right Now

I spent most of the week working on a ‘What to wear to a Spring Wedding’ post, but then I changed my mind and started on a ‘Blazers that make you look a bit smarter’ post, but it wasn’t quite working for me. I’ve been somewhat distracted as I’ve been at home with the kids most of the week. Due to arrival of kittens we haven’t been able to go away this Easter Holidays. The kittens are incredibly cute though, watching Barbra and Dave* wrestling with each other is better than a wet week in Wittering. Maybe not better than beautiful beach in Barbados, but I’m glossing over that, plus I can’t afford it anyway.

This week has mostly been spent trying to do things that get the boys off phones, TV and the Playstation. Looking for activities that suit both of them isn’t easy. My children are 14 and nearly 12. Going to the park just won’t cut it anymore. One likes shopping and skateboarding, the other one likes football and fortnite. We also have to factor in eating. They are permanently hungry or thirsty. They literally cannot walk into the kitchen without sticking their head in the fridge and complaining that ‘There’s nothing to eat’, and as soon as we leave the house they ‘so thirsty, I might die if I don’t get a drink’… I spend more time in Tescos/Lidl/Waitrose than I do at home. I love shopping, but I LOATHE going to the supermarket. It always takes twice as long as you think it will and they will never have that ONE thing you actually went there for. Or in the case of Lidl, they won’t have anything you went there for, but you’ll come away with a waffle maker, a power washer and a celebrity endorsed curling wand…

Consequently, due to the rhythm of my week being ruined, I’ve had trouble sticking to a ‘theme’, just can’t concentrate enough. So I’m just going to give you 5 outfits that I like, based on things I’ve seen in the shops recently that took my fancy. I’ll try and get on an even keel next week, but I can’t promise anything. [As ever, please note this post contains affiliate links]


I hope this isn’t all sold out by now as it’s pretty much my perfect leather skirt. I ordered it online last week ‘just to see’, and it’s not going back. I spied it at the M&S Spring Press event back in February. It’s not often I get the chance to go to those things as I’m working, also tbh, I don’t often get invited as I’m not exactly ‘press’, but I did go to that one and it was this skirt that stood out for me. It’s my ideal skirt length, Hitting mid calf. It’s structured, it’s flattering on the gut because the leather is nice and thick and holds me in. It also looks more high end than high street. I look forward to fake tanning up to my knees and wearing it when the temperatures go back into teen figures.

1. & Other Stories Sheer Snakeprint Shirt 
2. & Other Stories Cropped Twill Jacket 
3. M&S Printed Leather Midi Skirt 
4. Warehouse Snake Print Shopper Bag 
5. Adidas Original White Sleek Trainers 


I tried this blouse on in in Arket a few weeks ago, I didn’t buy then as it felt Spring was too far away to warrant a silk shirt, but I may have to revisit as I love the print and the style, plus it’s an easy way to introduce a bit of colour into your outfit. Wear with your Navy Trousers and your Trench Coat in case of April Showers. This month is prime trench coat-wearing weather. I have these culottes from John Lewis, I can attest that they are excellent, and they are now also on sale, so now are half price excellent, the best kind of excellent.

1. Arket Floral Print Silk Shirt 
2. & Other Stories Basket Weave Cross Body Bag 
3. John Lewis Wide Leg Navy Wool Culottes 
4. M&S Pure Cotton Double Breasted Trench Coat 
5. Adidas Stan Smith White Velcro Trainers 


My love for Ganni is still not waning. Their dresses just speak to me like no other dresses do! But I have 4 already, so I can’t justify another right now. If I could, I would go for this one. It also comes in cream, which would be great for a Spring wedding, but I think Navy would be more wearable for all kinds of events. Don’t think you can’t wear Navy with Black, that’s so old hat. I think it looks just perfect.

1. Ganni Navy Dot Ruffle Dress 
2. Izipizi Square Frame Sunglasses 
3. & Other Stories Shell Button Blazer 
4. Carvela Sacramento Leather Ankle Boots 
5. Gucci Web Stripe Leather Camera Bag 


I can’t help myself, I’m a big fan of a Hawaiian style shirt for the summer. I’m just drawn to them. This one is made even better by the addition of palm trees and Flamingos! Who doesn’t love a Flamingo? Also, and I know this bears no relevance to this shirt, but I wanted to draw your attention to Izipizi glasses. I bought a pair of their sunglasses last year, but they also do reading glasses. Really cool looking reading glasses for only £33. Selfridges online has a big selection. Makes getting older, and having to whip your glasses out everytime you look at a screen or a menu, a lot more palatable.

warehouse silk shirt

1. Warehouse Silk Blend Shirt 
2. Izipizi Green Acetate Reading Glasses 
3. New Look Stone Crop Utility Jacket 
4. Whistles Daniella Pleat Front Jeans 
5. Alexander McQueen Runway Leather Trainers 


I know I’ve said it many times before, but Cos make the best trousers on the high street. You might not be on board with the rest of their minimal offerings, but I can guarantee you’ll find a pair of trousers in there that will suit you down to the ground. This pair will be perfect for Spring/Summer and a great alternative to white jeans. Adding a massive pop of colour with the jumper and bag from Essentiel Antwerp. They are new brand to me and have just opened a beautiful shop on the Kings Road,  if you’re in that area, definitely worth a look. Prices are on the same scale as Sandro or Maje and they have some really pretty dresses and excellently bright knitwear.

1. Essentiel Antwerp Salpan Sweater 
2. H&M Palm Print T‑Shirt
3. Pleat Front Crop Cotton Trousers 
4. Essentiel Antwerp Neon Smooch Bag 
5. New Balance 574 Yellow Trainers 

*Our kittens are called Barbra and Dave. Barbra (aka Babs) after Ms Streisand, note the correct spelling, and Dave just because I always wanted a pet called Dave.

K x

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