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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Spring Jacket Required

Looking back on my previous posts, it appears that I wrote about the classic Khaki Utility Jacket this time last year too. But you know what, that means it really is a wardrobe staple, something that never really goes in and out of fashion. Or it might mean I’m finally running out of ideas. The choice is yours…

For argument’s sake, I’m going with ‘It’s a classic’, therefore I can write about this item every year around this time. You should already have one of these Khaki jackets in your sartorial arsenal. It really is the perfect casual jacket that will see you through Spring and into Summer. Unlike a trench coat it won’t give you the Columbo feels. Unlike a denim jacket it won’t make you feel a bit B*witched if you pair it with your jeans, and unlike a leather jacket it won’t make you sweat if the sun suddenly comes out.

Granted, it’s not a particularly smart jacket. For instant smarts you’ll need a good blazer. Maybe I’ll do them again next week. But I do think you can still wear your Khaki with a nice dress. It goes particularly well with white and cream in my humble opinion, so you’re going to see a lot of that below. Let’s start with an outfit I would reach for on any given day…


KhakiJacket Anine Bing

This Jacket is probably my favourite of all the ones I’ve seen recently. It’s a classic loose fit style and just the right colour. It’s from Monsoon of all places.Who would have thought? I’m a firm believer in not overlooking a shop just because you think ‘It’s not really for me’, amongst all the floral dresses (Monsoon) or the black work trousers (Next) or the cropped tops and hot pants (New Look) you can find some diamonds. Although I’m here doing the searching for you, so you don’t have to trawl through those websites for hours on end. This Tiger Sweatshirt is by a small company called Wild Hearts Wonder. Size down if you get it, comes up v big. They also do some really cute little kids clothes and excellent wallpaper!

  1. Monsoon Lara Linen Utility Jacket 
  2. Wild Hearts Wonder Oversized Tiger Sweatshirt 
  3. H&M Skinny Shaping Jeans 
  4. M&S Long Sleeve Denim Shirt 
  5. Vans Classic Checkerboard Slip Ons


The Utility jacket is the ideal outwear to go with your jumpsuit. I saw a girl at work wearing this all-in-one the other week and it looked amazing. It will take a braver woman than me to wear all cream all day, but I hope there are a few of you out there who don’t fear a coffee or marmite spillage before you’ve even had lunch. Once again, this jacket comes from an unlikely source, Next. I never really used to shop there, and to be honest I still don’t often go into their shops, but I do peruse online. I found my ideal boilersuit there, which I have indeed worn with my Khaki jacket. personally I’d ditch the belt, but I always ditch the belt.

  1. Whistles Bibi Snake Cross Body Bag 
  2. The Outnet Gucci Round Frame Glasses 
  3. Next Khaki Utility Jacket 
  4. & Other Stories Puff Sleeve Cream Denim Jumpsuit 
  5. Converse Snake Print Hi Tops 


Khaki Jacket and Jeans

Ok, I promise this will be the last time I mention these River Island Jeans, yet another shop I previously looked at with disdain, but I’ve got 2 of my favourite and best fitting jeans from there over the past couple of years. I bought these jeans last week. No I didn’t need them, but they are just perfect. I have a pair from H&M that I got about 5 years ago that are starting to fall apart at the crotch as I’ve worn them so much. I have been searching for a similar replacement for a few months. These are spot on. reasonably high waist, slightly cropped, mild stretch, make arse look good. Sold. I bet they are sold out now, If they are, I’m sorry for your loss. This Baukjen jacket is this years version of the one I got last year. the new design edition features a hidden drawstring waist you can nip it in if you so desire.

  1. Baukjen Drake Utility Jacket 
  2. Mango Bamboo Coffer Bag 
  3. M&S Button Detail Utility Shirt 
  4. River Island Mid Blue Straight Leg Jeans 
  5. Gucci Jordaan Red Leather Loafers


Want to wear a girly dress, but don’t want to look too girly? Add a utility jacket to dress it down. This dress has a look of the very expensive Vampires Wife brand. yet it’s less than £30 from New Look! Once again proving it pays to look around the High Street in places outside of your comfort zone. You know I’m not a heels girl, but I had to include these ones from H&M as they are just so pretty and would look so good with this dress, or just with jeans. I’ll probably wear this with my Vejas to be honest and a nice cardi if it’s still chilly.

  1. & Other Stories Cropped Cotton Cardigan 
  2. New Look Floral Square Neck Dress 
  3. Warehouse Belted Utility Jacket 
  4. Veja Esplar Velco Trainers 
  5. H&M Suede Ankle Tie Sandals 


I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed with this set below. The colours all work together so well. I can’t help it. I do love an outfit where all the tones are totally coordinated. This bag from Ukrainian designer VIS Saif at Rareline ties it all together and is just something a bit different to your standard cross body. This Monki Jacket is oversized if you’re looking for something a bit roomier. Trousers are from Warehouse, another shop that has had it’s up and downs for me. It’s had a bit of resurrection recently with some great pieces and some cool designer collaborations. I should have called this post ‘Shops you thought were a bit shit, but are actually quite decent if you look again’. Never mind.

  1. Monki Khaki Utility Jacket 
  2. Rareline ViS Saif Leather Cross Body Bag 
  3. M&S Cotton Embroidered Frill Blouse 
  4. Warehouse Pique Crop Wide Leg Trousers 
  5. Crime London Faith Hi Top Trainers 

I hope I’ve given you some ideas as to what to wear with your Green jacket. I will do Blazers soon and have a had a few requests for Wedding guest outfits. Let me know if there’s anything else you’re keen to see.

K x

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