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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Welcome to Part 2 of the Small Brands Special. A surprise midweek post no less. Not sure you should get used to this, but if I can, I will try and blog more often over the next few months. There may be some random content coming up, so apologies in advance for any strange ramblings. I guess in these times it helps to have a creative outlet, and sometimes once I start I find it hard to stop.

This is the jewellery and accessories part of small brands. There are SO many out there. Once I started looking around I went down a jewellery rabbit hole. It’s taken a lot of willpower not to buy a ton of stuff. Also be careful of Etsy, you can literally find anything on there. I VERY nearly bought this last week. TBH I am still contemplating it. I mean, who doesn’t want a pink sweatshirt with Gail Platt’s face  on it? (ok, just me)

But this isn’t about Gail Platt, this is about small jewellery and accessories brands. Ones that could really use your help if you need to buy a present for someone, or just treat yourself to something nice to cheer you up. I hope this will also serve as a good resource centre when this is all over and you hopefully have money to spend. A place you can come to before you head off to H Samuels or Accessorize…


I won’t talk through everything, as we’ll be here for hours, but I can highly recommend everything from this first set:

HERMOSA LONDON: Make the MOST useful bags, you can literally do a full shop with one of these, they are also very durable AND go in the washing machine if you get them dirty.

STRINGBERRY: Teens love a good phone case, as do I. Stringberry have the best and coolest selection around. Also, they don’t break after a few months like a lot I have tried.

SAY WHAT YOU C: Charlotte’s company was one of the first brands I ever discovered on Instagram. She’s all about the monogram bag, as am I. A match made in heaven.

CARLOE LONDON: Hand made leather bags that look so classy and smart. You can mix and match the straps too, always good for that whole matchy matchy vibe.

1. Hermosa London All Rounder Bee Bag 
2. Stringberry Phone Cases 
3. Ollie and Fred Bee Stripe Wilton Socks 
4. Say What You C Camel Canvas Bag 
5. Carloe London Edie Box Bag 
6. Alexis Amour Bibi Pink Sunglasses 


It gives me a lovely warm feeling inside buying jewellery from a small business. Knowing that someone had really taken the time to think about their designs and (a lot of the time) hand make them all. It feels like they have more meaning then. Some more obvious than others, I mean, the ‘fuckit’ necklace from Hoops and Chains doesn’t need much explanation now does it?

FRENZY BY ZARA: Zara used to live around the corner from me, but relocated to Cornwall a few years ago and set up her jewellery business. All handmade. My favourite has to be the gold plated penny necklaces, I have this Hare one and I love it so much.

LOUISE WADE: I coveted Louise Wades Bowie flash ring for ages. She has the coolest collection of rings. I have a big wishlist of her stuff going on right now. Who was it that had a ‘ring on every finger and bells on their toes’? I can’t remember, but if I did have a ring on every finger at least 4 would be from Louise.

LOVE SCARLET: We all love Scarlet, she’s a fine human and also makes excellent silver necklaces. Most of her designs are inspired by nature, so you can get Acorns, Sycamores or twigs to adorn your neck or wrist. She’s also a world class Rock Photographer. Nothing like being multi-talented is there?

1. Frenzy By Zara Gold plated Hare Coin Necklace
2. Hoops and Chains Fuck it Necklace 
3. Cabbage White England Shell Pearl Necklace 
4. Louise Wade Bowie Flash Ring 
5. Cult of Youth ‘you are so loved’ Locket Necklace
6. Love Scarlet Sycamore Silver Necklace 


Because there’s just so much good stuff around, I could have done pages more, and one day I will update with all the others I found.

LOEL & CO: Andrea now runs this business when she took it over from her mother. They source the best wrist candy. If you like a good bracelet, then this is the place for you. The Chain link ones are a big favourite of mine.

NAOMI CROOK: Anyone that makes good skull jewellery is onto a winner with me. I don’t know why they ave always appealed to me, but they have.

KIRSTIE LE MARQUE: If Vintage inspired diamonds that are more your bag then check out Kirstie Le Marque. Real cool-girl collections. My current favourite is the Compass signet ring.

1. Birgit Axters Big Snake Hoop Earrings 
2. Loel & Co. Gold Twisted Chain Bracelet 
3. Beho Studio Stone Signet Ring 
4. Wild and Fine Large Mussel Pendant 
5. Naomi Crook Small Skull RIng
6. Kirstie Le Marque Compass Signet Ring 
7. TH Jewellery Jungle Cosmic Ring 


ESSKA SHOES: A very recent discovery for me and also a local one. Run by Souraya who also does all the designs. Usually, as you know, I’m not a heel person, but I am massively drawn to her gold platform sandals. I want to wear them on a night out as soon as this is over.

NANOU BEACHWEAR: If you’re wondering if the hiking sandal is still going to be big this summer, then my answer would be YES. Mainly because once you wear them you don’t want to wear anything else. Nanou Beachwear make lovely handmade fabric wrapped ones that are a fraction of the price of the designer versions.

1. Tailor Made Living Store String Shopping Bag 
2. Kooky Two Cheetah Belt 
3. Esska Shoes Valerie Gold Platform Sandals 
4. TAE Boutique Red Geometric Scarf 
5. Nanou Beachwear Liberty Print Wrap Sandals 
6. Gift Pop Boutique Rainbow Star Bag Straps 
7. Air & Grace Mini Cheetah Print Hi Top Trainers 


Just because I wanted to include as many businesses as possible. Sorry if I didn’t get around to everyone that messaged me. I will do an Instagram round up on Stories soon.

1. Coco and Kinney Martha Mae Ring
2. Laura Adele Zodiac Wheel Pendant 
3. Jennifer Gibson Jewellery Vintage Chanel Brooch 
4. Angie B Designs Silver Geometric Bangle
5. Uma Jewellery Dots Pendant Necklace 
6. Little by Little Seville Hoop Earrings 

I’ll get back to clothes on Sunday, with a 7 piece wardrobe that you should all already own and how to make it last for 6 days. No joggers allowed!

Stay Safe

Kate x

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