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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Recently I’ve had a lot of requests for a blog dedicated to sweatshirts. Who am I to argue with the masses? Many of you said you don’t know where to start looking for good ones. Fear not, I’ve done the hard work for you and sourced some of my favourite styles. Here’s hoping there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets.

I’ve always been a big fan of good sweatshirt and since I no longer need to go into an office they’ve become my day-to-day wardrobe staple. I don’t tend to go for a full tracksuit everyday though, I do like to get properly dressed even if I’m not really going out. You have to have standards. But I do love the comfort of a decent sweat and there are plenty of ways you can wear one and still look smart enough for work.

Point to note, don’t be afraid of looking to the mens department for sweatshirts, they often have a bigger selection, especially of good plain basics. The arms and body are often a bit longer too if that’s something you look for. Also, don’t be afraid of doing a front ‘French Tuck’ with your sweatshirts. Just tuck in a bit of the waistband to you trousers to create a much more flattering silhouette.

As well as the High Street, have a look at independent brands and boutiques who make and sell small runs of more unique sweatshirts. I’ve included a few below, but some of my favourites are; Wild Hearts Wonder, By Pollyanna, Black White Denim, Quattrorish, Bob The Brand and Forage Somerset.  Let’s have a look at what I’ve found this week. I have to say, these are some of my favourite looks for a while. This whole blog is basically just for me!


I love this sweatshirt from the Collaborative Store. It feeds into the person inside my head who is a minimalist. Someone who only wears cool understated clothes and lives in a really tidy house. Of course, that’s just fantasy land as in reality I cannot resist leopard print and my house is a bloody tip full of more knick knacks than should reasonably be allowed. I fear I inherited my mother’s trait of ‘collecting’ things. I had a ‘KISS dolls’ phase, a ‘Russian Doll’ phase and even a ‘Silver Jubilee Plates’ phase. Not to mention anything from Coronation Street and last week I bid on (and won!) the Ladies Toilet sign from the Brentford Stadium auction.

I was fairly reserved as they were pretty much selling off everything but the seats. Although you KNOW I would have bought my seat too if I was able too. Someone paid £120 for the whiteboard from the dressing room. At least my toilet sign is something you can’t just buy at Wilko…

1. AV London Black and White Profile Sweatshirt
2. JW Anderson Anchor Tote Bag 
3. Cos High Waist Organic Cotton Jeans 
4. Whistles Izzey Khaki Trench Coat 


Before March I would probably have scoffed at the idea of wearing a tie dye sweatshirt and laughed in your face if you suggested I try a full on jogger/sweat combo. But, we all know what started in March and how things changed beyond all recognition. For some reason along with Banana Bread, Dying your hair pink, Doing PE with Joe Wicks and The Tiger King (remember him?), Tie Dye became something a lot of us did during lockdown. I didn’t go so far as to do my own, but I must admit I did get a sweatshirt from SWYC (personalised of course) and now I’m absolutely considering a full tracksuit for around the house. I mean, why not?

1. New Look Tie Dye Sweatshirt 
2. New Look Tie Dye Joggers 
3. Olivia Rubin Tie Dye Nettie Sweatshirt
4. Olivia Rubin Tilda Tie Dye Joggers 


Every week there is an item and an outfit on the blog that I covet more than all the others. This week it’s the turn of this Blazer from Anine Bing. I have a very similar style in black, but I’m seriously tempted with the fishbone version. Would work great with ALL the Anine Bing Sweatshirts I have.Yes, I know, I have problem, but they are always so good. For the jackets I’d advise taking your regular size. For her sweatshirts I would say go down one size. I’m also looking forward to wearing leather (or pleather) trousers again. Autumn fashion has always been my favourite. You can’t exactly wear leather culottes in 32 degrees…

1. Arket Boxy Sweatshirt 
2. Anine Bing Fishbone Blazer
3. Mango Leather Effect Elastic Waist Trousers 
4. Ganni Leopard Print Leather Cross Body Ba
5. Veja Roraima Suede Mid High Trainers 


Along with the ones I’ve found below, always check out Etsy for sweatshirts. I swear you will find whatever it is you are looking for, no matter how random. I mean, I bought a Gail Platt Sweatshirt that I clearly didn’t know I needed until I saw it. Someone somewhere will have made the exact one you’re after if you look hard enough. Also, I notice that Nike have brought out their High Top Blazer Trainers in a whole load of new colours. I like to think they’ve had a resurgence in popularity because I’ve been banging on about them for so long, but this is blatantly untrue.

1. SRM X Style Creep Kate Moss Sweatshirt 
2. Missguided Tie Dye Bucket Hat 
3. Wild Hearts Wonder Oversized Tiger Sweatshirt 
4. H&M Vintage Slim High Jeans 
5. Nike Blazer Mid Vintage 77 (25% off with Code BTS25 as of 30.08)


Come on! Who doesn’t love to treat their inner child every so often? Mickey Mouse and the Peanuts will never get old. I am team Peanuts though. Mickey can be a bit annoying. Stupid squeaky voice. You don’t get that with Charlie Brown or Peppermint Patty. Peppermint Patty was always my favourite character. She was an excellent Tomboy, clearly in unrequited love with ‘Chuck’.

1. Levis x Peanuts Snoopy Stripe Sweatshirt 
2. The Outnet Marc Jacobs Sequin Mickey Sweatshirt 
3. Topshop Considered Mid Blue Raw Hem Jeans 
4. Genevieve Sweeney Cotton Silk Blend Socks 
5. John Lewis & Partners Fern Leather Trainers 


I just had to add this one. I know there aren’t many of us who can afford to drop nearly £700 on a sweatshirt, but I just love this Gucci one. In fact, I love all Gucci, which really doesn’t work with my budget or my inner minimalist. My outer maximalist would love to buy Gucci sweatshirts by the bucket load, but I stick with shoes and bags for my high ticket designer items. You never get too fat for shoes and bags and if you buy the classics, they won’t go out of fashion either. If you love the Cherry design, I found an embroidered one from Whistles for 1/10th of the price.

1. Whistles Navy Cherry Embroidered Sweatshirt 
2. Gucci Beverly Hills Cherry Sweatshirt 
3. Victoria Beckham Cherry Embroidered T Shirt 
4. The White Company Jersey Zip Joggers 
5. Adidas Original Continental 80 Trainers 

If all goes to plan our life in this house is about to change as of this time next week. We’re doing another lockdown cliche and getting a dog! A chocolate Labradoodle that will be called Thomas Frank (Frank for short) I know, we already have 3 cats, 2 teenagers and a small house, but what’s life for if not for filling it with things you love? Expect a dog walking outfit post coming up soon! Next week (as suggested by my friend Mel), I may do a ‘New In’ round-up for my favourite High Street Shops, or I might do boots, or coats, or Autumn Dresses. Haven’t quite decided yet…

K x

Thomas Frank. I mean, look at him…

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