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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


This week I decided to ease you in gently to the new fashion season with a smattering of Autumn Jackets and Chelsea Boots. It’s still probably a week too early for a full rundown of Autumn attire. Not all the shops have their new season in just yet and are still pushing the last days of summer to get rid of all that lockdown stock that never got to be seen (or worn as we were all in sweatpants and slippers). I will do more on coats and boots in the coming weeks once we have more to choose from.

Also, for anyone tuning in for a Thomas Frank update (the dog version, not his namesake the Brentford Head Coach), I am writing this blog on Friday so I have the whole weekend to dedicate to him. I will update you on the inevitable absolute chaos our lives have become next week. I expect there will have been tears and one person threatening to move out. That will be at least one of the cats. Although, Drinks, our smallest yet most feisty cat, has got previous. When we went on holiday last year she went off to live with the local Lib Dem Councillor over the back fence. Not to be confused with the powerwashing family. No one wants to live with them, and frankly no one wants to live in earshot of them either…

Autumn has always been my favourite for fashion. It’s that whole ‘Back to School’ vibe. That time of year when you’d head into the shopping precinct with your mother and try desperately to convince her that the school is totally ok with you wearing kitten heel stilettos from Freeman Hardy and Willis instead of the standard issue Clarks lace-ups. Although if you were anything like me, you’d be taking that pair in your bag to change into in the loos at first break. Along with your Heather Shimmer lipstick and a whole can of Harmony Hairspray to keep that feathered perm in place, oh, and don’t’ forget the banana clip for PE…


I got the navy version of this Kin Donkey jacket this time last year when I did an Instagram Partnership with John Lewis on their in-house brand. It’s such a great jacket, I wore it loads and will definitely be wearing again this year too. Luckily Kin have brought it back for 2020 but in a cool check version. I would say size down on this as if it’s the same cut as mine it comes up big, but great for throwing over a chunky knit when the time comes.

Oh how I love a chunky knit. Last year I made my mum knit me a Charlie Brown jumper for my birthday (actually it was this year, but January feels like a lifetime ago) Anyway it’s great chunky knit, but SO THICK it needs to be Antarctic levels of cold to actually wear it without feeling like  a boil in the bag chicken. Here’s hoping for cold snap before Christmas!

1. Kin by John Lewis Checked Donkey Jacket 
2. TopShop Dog Clip Rucksack 
3. The Outnet Ganni Mohair and Wool Jumper 
4. Cos Tapered Leg Jeans 
5. Alexander McQueen Chelsea Boots 


A nice checked blazer will be as good with a dress as it is with jeans or cords. Oh corduroy! that’s another thing I look forward to in the Autumn and Winter months, along with red wine, open fires and thinking it’s socially acceptable to eat an entire baked Camembert to oneself. There will definitely be another corduroy blog at some point pre-Christmas. In the meantime, how expensive does this dress look? For me, I’d wear it with my Kensington Flora DMs. They don’t need the breaking in like the lace up ones, but I’m not going to lie, it does take a few wears to get them to be proper comfortable. Once you’ve got there though, they will be your friends for life. Go with almost everything and last forever.

1. New Look Black Shirred Bodice Midi Dress
2. Gucci Horsebit 1955 Leather Handbag 
3. Mango Check Structured Blazer 
4. Dune Prestige Stud Detail Chelsea Boots 
5. Dr Martens Kensington Flora Boots 


Another Jacket that I have that has been brought back again for this season. I think I bought this Arket Quilted number in January, I love the Sloane Ranger / Car Coat look of it plus it has a multitude of pockets and you all you how I feel about pockets. They basically should be mandatory in almost every item of clothing. I once tried on a pair of dungarees in H&M and the pockets were fake! Unacceptable behaviour! Again, size down on this jacket if you fancy it. I would actually even recommend 2 sizes down if you don’t like the over-over sized look. This jacket is a definite contender for a dog walking jacket. Not waterproof, but could cope in the event of a light shower.

1. Arket Long Quilted Jacket 
2. & Other Stories Alpaca Blend Cardigan 
3. Levis Ribcage Straight Ankle Length Jeans
4. And/Or Check Arlo Blouse 
5. H&M Tan Leather Chelsea Boots 


Sorry, this is perhaps turning into a showcase of all the jackets I own as I have this one too! But at least you know I am practising what I preach this week. I know I do bang about Anine Bing a lot and you’ll have seen this jacket before, but for me, it’s the perfectly slightly oversized black blazer. yes, it is a bit spendy but I don’t think I’ll need another for a while. It’s not too fitted and ‘suity’, but still smart enough to work for any occasion. Wearing a blazer automatically makes me feel like I’ve made an effort. Even if you sling one over a pair of joggers and a T Shirt it makes you look somehow pulled together.

1. Susan Caplan Vintage Gold Plated T Bar Necklace 
2. Anine Bing Madeleine Black Blazer 
3. Ganni Pleated Polka Dot Dress 
4. Saint Laurent Padded Leather Bag 
5. Kurt Geiger Dalby Leather Chelsea Boots 


Finally, the oversized Overshirt. This was a trend that started at the tail end of last year and looks set to continue for this Autumn/ Winter. A great casual looking jacket option. You can also layer up your leather or denim jacket underneath it once it really gets cold. Sorry, I really am bangng on about cold weather, it’s not even really Autumn yet, but I do tend to be ‘over’ hot weather come the 2nd week in September. Although a cheeky week of ‘surprise’ summer in October is always fun. Oh, and I know these boots are not Chelsea boots, but I wanted to show an option for those who need to be a bit smarter or like a bit of a heel.

1. H&M Felted Over Shirt Jacket 
2. & Other Stories Oversized Wool Jumper 
3. & Other Stories Embroidered Collar Blouse 
4. TopShop Editor Straight Leg Jeans 
5. Shoe The Bear Georgia Leather Boots 

Don’t panic if Chelsea boots are not your thing. I will do a full winter boot round up soon. And coats, and dresses. and knitwear, all the BEST things!

K x

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