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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


I’ve thrown caution to the wind and dispensed with a ‘theme’ this week. There just wasn’t one particular item that I was keen on researching. I had a stab at sweatshirts but, if I’m honest, my heart wasn’t in it. I already have all the sweatshirts a woman could need. (You know I don’t actually mean that). Then I thought about shorts, but looked out of the window and there’s still a howling gale blowing. We are probably a few weeks away from needing to dig out our cut-offs, but I will do that post fairly soon, as it’s always good to be prepared in case the sun does shine and we want to pop ourselves out on the sun lounger in the garden for some much-needed Vitamin D.

So, to cut a long story short, I went with a general round-up of some lovely things I’ve found online recently. Let’s call it ‘six spring outfit ideas for May that I would really quite like to wear’. As always, you don’t need to buy all this stuff, you can just use these ideas for what you already have in your wardrobe.

Have you done your seasonal wardrobe switch over yet? I haven’t, but I will be digging in my drawers (not a euphemism) very soon to find out what I can and can’t still fit into. I store my unseasonal clothes under the bed in those vacuum-packed bags. It’s great for saving space, but they do come out terribly creased, so it can be an all-day job to sort and steam everything. At least there’s some hope this year that we might get to wear our nice spring clothes. Roll on May 17th when we can actually go inside to eat and don’t have to watch our salads blowing away down the street in the pissing rain and wind…


I know we English love to talk about the weather, but PLEASE can we have some that allows us to wear our pretty blouses without a puffer jacket or raincoat over the top? It just ruins the look. That said, I do actually like a bit of weather chat. I have an app for everything. One of my favourites is the ‘Rain Today’ app. It tells me to the minute when it’s going to rain in my area.

Given, it’s not 100% accurate ALL the time, but it’s served me well so far for not getting caught in a downpour when I’m on a dog walk… ‘Hold on, let’s just leave it another 12 minutes, then we’re good to go…’  I love this blouse from Lollys Laundry and these perfect summer sandals from Boden. Never discount Boden, they have some great stuff in amongst the inadvisable ‘quirky’ printed jersey dresses.

six spring outfit ideas for May

1. Lollys Laundry Floral Print Blouse 
2. H&M 3 Pack Silk Scrunchies 
3. Mango Pleat Straight Trousers 
4. Hill Seeker Printed Sweatshirt 
5. Boden Deborah Strappy Sandals 


We covered stripes a while back, but they are always a classic. I’ve recently rediscovered this sweatshirt that I’d bought BC (Before Covid) but forgotten how much I liked. Don’t be afraid to check men’s departments and men’s clothing websites for good sweatshirts. They often have a MUCH better selection than the ladies. A very generalised sizing guide for men’s sweats: if you’re a size 10, go for small; 12–14, medium; 16+, large. Sorry if you’re under a size 10 as this cunning plan won’t work for you but, on the plus side, you can probably still buy from the kids’ department, which is cheaper, and you can spend the VAT savings on gin, so I don’t feel too sorry for you at all.

six spring outfit ideas for May

1. Maison Labiche Amour Organic Cotton Stripe Top 
2. Maison Kitsune Navy Printed Sweatshirt 
3. YMC Pleated Cotton Trousers 
4. All Saints Emily Leather Belt
5. Nike Blazer 77 Trainers 


Another perennial favourite of mine. Not just me either – if you missed my blog on the subject, you can find it here. Spring is the best time to wear dungarees as you can ditch the thermals underneath and throw on a nice pretty white blouse instead.

This one is from River Island. Another shop that you can find great things in if you know what to look for. Yes, they do a terrible range of skin-tight polyester slacks and dresses with the backs cut out, which are just no good for ladies of a certain age who cannot go braless for fear the bosoms would be swinging somewhere around waist level. But what River Island tends to do very well are pretty cotton blouses. Every year they seem to come up with some absolute winners. Their jeans are very good too.

six spring outfit ideas for May

1. Whistles Leni Green Dungarees (currently 20% off)
2. Arket Large Raffia Bag 
3. Astley Clarke Gold Plated Sapphire Ring 
4. River Island White Embroidered Blouse 
5. Gola Eclipse Colour Block Trainers 


Another item from my wardrobe that I’ve been wearing a lot recently are these jeans from Cos. I love the shape of them. I have them in the darker denim, but I’m feeling drawn towards the light version for summer. Take your usual size in these. Quilted jackets are also having a moment. They may only be having a moment in my house, but that will do for me.

I have just ordered one from Wild Folk Studio that is actually made out of an old handmade patchwork quilt. They make to order from the quilts they have collected, so keep checking in to see what they have on offer. I think they can also make from a quilt you supply if you have one knocking about that you fancy being a coat rather than a bedspread. If you want to splash the cash, then Free People also have this great quilted number.

six spring outfit ideas for May

1. Ganni Printed Cotton T Shirt 
2. Free People Rudy Quilted Bomber Jacket 
3. Cos High Waisted Tapered Jeans 
4. Cos Yellow Knitted Vest 
5. Quattrorish Noveta Hi Top Trainers 


Talking of jeans, you may recall me waxing lyrical about these Whistles Hollie jeans on more than one occasion. I even stated that I have them in black too and if they ever brought them out in white, I’d buy those as well. So, no surprise that they’ve fallen into my virtual basket this week as they are 20% off. I might do a post on how to wear white jeans. I know lots of you find them tricky, especially if you have small children or dirty dogs. But for summer, away from those filthy beasts, they are a great item to have in your wardrobe. Just avoid skinny ones worn with an espadrille wedge. I know Liz Hurley is a fine-looking woman but it’s not 2003. Things have moved on.

six spring outfit ideas for May

1. Arket Heavyweight Black Cotton T Shirt 
2. Coach Rambler Leather Cross Body Bag 
3. Whistles Hollie Straight Leg Button Front Jeans (20% off)
4. Whistles Nora Green Cardigan (20% off) 
5. Grenson Willa 2.0 Leather Sandals 


I’ve included this outfit for you as it’s the almost exact one I wore the other week when I ventured into town for the first time in 5 months. Even though I wasn’t actually going to work, I felt like a ‘bizness lady’ in my blazer and loafers. To be honest, a blazer and some loafers are all it takes for me to feel smart these days. I hope I can do it again soon.

six spring outfit ideas for May

1. New Look Gingham Embroidered Blouse 
2. Anine Bing Madeleine Blazer 
3. H&M Mom Loose Fit Black Jeans 
4. John Lewis Stripe Print Ankle Socks 
5. Grenson Phillipa Leather Loafers 

Thanks for reading again, I really do appreciate it.
K x

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