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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Shoes, Glorious Shoes! A journey through my collection

So, I think we have all established by now that I have a ‘thing’ for shoes. Unfortunately mainly for very expensive shoes that I can’t really afford. Contrary to popular belief I don’t have hundreds of pairs. I only have a finite amount of space to store them so I operate very much in on a “one in, one out’ policy. I keep them all in their boxes and it’s like a big game of Tetris trying to slot them all all together. See evidence below…

See, not THAT many right? Admittedly there are a few more pairs of summer sandals and trainers out of shot on the left, but no supplementary shoe wardrobe hidden elsewhere in the house. Unlike my excess ‘seasonal’ wardrobe in the bathroom. I don’t own any proper heels anymore as I just don’t wear them. I do spend a lot of money on shoes, but I only buy ones that I can wear all the time and I rarely save anything for ‘best’. If I’ve paid upwards of £300 on a pair of shoes I NEED to get my moneys worth! I’m not saying the only good shoes are expensive ones but there have been quite a few instances where I have lusted after a designer boot (hello Givenchy), bought the High Street dupes (hello Top Shop) only to find they are just not ‘quite’ right and make me want the real thing even more. Once I have the real thing and am wearing and loving them, I also have another terrible tendency to buy again in another colour, but we’ll gloss over that for now… To my credit though I have rarely paid full price for any of my fancy shoes — look out for discount weeks on the big sites like Net-A-Porter, Matches, Selfridges, My Theresa, FarFetch et al. Sign up their newsletters so you get early access to any promotions, Get the loyalty cards that give you special favours, put a sale alert on the item on Shop Style and check in with Secret Sales every so often. The only ones I think I have paid full price for are Gucci as they rarely discount. Except once or twice a year if you are lucky enough to get an invite to their super secretive sale. So, without further delay, may I introduce you to my friends…

Stella McCartney Elyse Flatform Shoes

stella mccartney elyse shoes

These are my most recent purchase, thanks to Selfridges 30% off shoes promotion and selling enough stuff on eBay to justify the spends. I had casually thought of these for about a year or so, but always thought they would be really uncomfortable and, just look at them, they are the stupidest shoes known to man. I made the fatal mistake of trying them on one day last month and, turns out they are not a pinchy squeeze-fest after all, I fell in love and they are totally wearable. Takes a while to get used the height but they make you look super-tall and somehow thinner, like a magic shoe. I wore all day this week from 8am — midnight. Watch out for going up or down stairs though, you need good balance!

Givenchy Prue Leather Ankle Boots


Now, these ones are super pricey and something I lusted after but never thought I would ever own. But thanks to fortuitous meeting with Claudia Winkleman (“look, just fucking buy them”)  and her stylist (“look, here they are on Secret Sales at 20% off) and then an email from that site the day later (“look here, if you sign up you get another 25% off”)  They were mine at a fraction of retail price! I totally WON at buying them. Cost per wear so far is hovering around the £18 mark and they are super comfortable so I shall be wearing for many years to come.

Chloe Susanna Ankle Boots

These babies were my first foray in to the world of very expensive shoes. 2 years I thought about them, 2 years I thought I just cannot justify spending the price of an all-inclusive holiday for 2 to Tenerife (albeit one booked on one pair of boots. But when a work bonus and a sale alert on Shop Style collided, they fell into my basket and that was that. An absolute classic, again incredibly comfortable, can wear all day and all night and they go with almost everything in my wardrobe. They come out every year in different colour-ways so you know this style is going nowhere. Confession: I also have them in grey with silver studs, those ones are 4 years old now and are a bit bashed up but they still get the love.

Gucci Marmont Mid Heel Loafers

What can I say about these? they are the worlds best party shoes. I mean, just look at them, why would anyone NOT want a pair of Granny shoes that look like they’ve come out of a Christmas Cracker? They elevate any outfit. When you wear them you feel like the Queen Mother on acid. You can’t stop looking at your feet. Other people can’t stop looking at your feet. Men will not understand them, but other women will go insane with shoe envy (and that’s what really counts isn’t it?)

Gucci Jordaan Classic Loafers

Literally the worlds most comfortable shoe. Leather soft like butter. Can wear all day without socks and no fear of a blister. Can wear all day with a fishnet sock and not care about ridicule. Never go out of fashion. What’s not to like?

Gucci Peyton Texas Loafers

I call these ones my ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Shoes. I get very protective about them when on the tube. If some great oaf comes crashing towards me and give them an evil death-stare that silently says, ‘If you step on my fancy shoes I will have no control over my actions’. To be fair these shoes deserve better than public transport, but these days I can’t afford a taxi as clearly I have spent too much money on shoes.

Isabel Marant Suede Dicker Boots


I know they are not very exciting, but they deserve a place in this list due to that fact they are only ‘high’ heel shoe that I have found that I can wear all day. Great with a skinny jean, equally great with a floaty dress and a bare leg come summer. Another classic that isn’t going anywhere soon. (Yes, I also have in black.)


Vivienne Westwood Roman 3 Strap Shoes

These are actually unisex shoes, I think Dame Viv first designed them for men back in 2002 and still get sold every year. I’m not sure how my husband would feel about wearing these, but I love them. Eternally copied, but nothing beats the original. They come in quite a few colours (I also have tan)

That’s my lot — until something else comes along that I just can’t live without. Keep an eye on eBay as if I do need another pair, something will have to go to make room for it!

K x

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