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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Sparkle Jumpers - Silver Sneaker s

Not quite Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Jumpers, all well and good for that one comedy day at work and possibly on Christmas Day (at a push), but after that they are stashed to back of wardrobe never to see the light of day again until the following year. No fear of the moths getting at them though at least as most are usually made of  man-made fibres so cheap that you could never even think about a naked flame, let alone walk near one, and with all the festive candles burning bright at this time of year, that’s just not practical.

So, instead of something emblazoned with baubles, how about just some more sensible, yet still a bit fancy knitwear. Something you can wear for almost any occasion? Here’s my pick. (There is one actual Christmas jumper in there, but I let that one in as it’s got a lovely snowy scene on it)

Why don’t we go all out and pair our super sweaters with some shiny new metallic trainers. So we are getting into the seasonal sparkly spirit whilst also being comfy and warm. It’s a winning combination I’m sure you will agree…

Maybe you like a proper Christmas jumper, and that is just fine, but if you come around my house dressed in THIS, I will be totally within my rights to show you the door…

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