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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Shirting The Issue

If I’m being completely honest, this entire blog post is based on the ‘Shirting the Issue’ title pun. Sometimes that’s all the inspiration I need. Thanks for your blog topic suggestions. I will try and get around to them all in time. Also, a big thanks for sticking with me, last weeks Dr. Martens post was my most read Sunday Blog of all time with over 11,000 of you ‘tuning in’. I take that as proof that blogging is not dead!

So this week, we shall be looking at the humble, and some not so humble, shirt. Sometimes an overlooked item, but one that fits in any situation. Want to be a bit smarter? Wear a silk shirt. Want to be a bit casual, but feel the need for a collar? Look for a checked shirt. Want an item of clothing that will work very hard in your wardrobe? Get a classic denim shirt. I’ve got all of these and have thrown in a couple of curve balls just for good measure.


Let us start with the casual option. The checked shirt. Definitely something that’s having a moment again right now. I remember the checked flannel shirts I wore back in the early 90’s. Around the same time as I discovered grunge and developed an unhealthy obsession with Evan Dando from the Lemonheads. I still have the signed vinyl copy of ‘It’s a Shame About Ray’ that I queued up for over 2 hours in HMV to get, just so I could get closer to him. Happy Days…

1. H&M Checked Green Cotton Shirt 
2. Navygrey Black Wool Relaxed Sweater 
3. Arket Oversized Fishtail Parka
4. Grenson Nanette Brown Suede Boots
5. Kin Black Balloon Trousers 


The simple silk shirt is my absolute go-to item when I want to feel a bit grown-up, you know, a bit Gillian Anderson. I see her as a woman who has an immaculate wardrobe full of silk shirts and pencil skirts. She would never sweat through the armpits, be creased or spill coffee down the front. It’s an unattainable ideal though. A fantasy life I could never fulfil. Plus, I saw her on the One Show the other day and (whisper it) she didn’t seem that fun. Fantasies dashed.

BUT, I do still like a good silk shirt. I have 2 from Equipment. Both bought on sale, as they are very expensive, but they come out time and time again when I need to be a bit smart but don’t feel like wearing a dress. Check out Boden and & Other Stories for more purse friendly silk shirts.

1. & Other Stories Silk Polka Dot Shirt 
2. Hill & Friends Black Slouchy Tote Bag 
3. & Other Stories Wool Blend Cardigan 
4. Carvela Snake Print Block Heel Boots 
5. Arket Long Pleated Satin Skirt 


This one is a bit of curve ball and I fully expect, not one you will all get on board with. It takes a certain sartorial bravery to wear a collar bigger than your head. I fully expect Harry Hill style ‘jokes’ from my family if I decide to buy into this trend.

But where Ganni start, you know others will follow. Arket has already come on board with their version of the big collar blouse, and I expect by the end of the summer most high street shops with have their version of this trend. It’s very Little Women isn’t it. I’d probably tone it down with a a simple pair of jeans and trainers.

1. Ganni Peasant Collar Stripe Shirt 
2. & Other Stories Wave Knit Jumper 
3. H&M Vintage Slim High Ankle Jeans 
4. TopShop White Pearl Grab Bag 
5. Saucony Jazz Original Trainers 


Ahh, the classic denim shirt. I assume you’ve all already got one of these lurking in your wardrobe somewhere. Don’t be afraid to get it out and either do the double denim, or, my current favourite, the denim and leather combo. This is my favourite outfit of this week. No doubt I will replicate next week if I can still fit into my leather trousers. I haven’t tried them on since before Christmas. I fear the worst.*

1. H&M Denim Shirt
2. Azurina Madrid Camel Bucket Bag 
3. Arket Pile Moleskin Coat 
4. SuperDry Wide Leg Leather Trousers 
5. Veja Roraima Mid High Trainers 


Finally, a shirt that’s been gaining popularity of late. The Leather shirt. Now, I don’t think I could commit to a leather shirt without anything underneath. I would style it as an overshirt. An alternative to a leather jacket. Get an oversized version and throw it over a sweatshirt. I notice that Gucci have done a Mickey Mouse collection, but at £750 a pop for a sweatshirt, I think I’ll be looking at this £20 version from Amazon instead.

Sidebar, I tried these Whistles jeans on when I went to the John Lewis Style Studio last week. They were really nice and flattering. not something I would usually say about any paperbag style trousers.

1. TopShop IDOL Oversized Leather Shirt 
2. Arket Nylon Camera Bag 
3. Mickey Mouse Disney Sweatshirt 
4. Whistles Paperbag Style Jeans 
5. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Trainers

Next week, I am planning to do a the big Jeans edit. I’ve been to a few places and tried some on, so I can tell you which are my favourites and how they come up size-wise. I know that a lot of you find buying jeans a bit of a minefield, so ‘ll do my best to help out with that.

K x

*Update, I wore my leather trousers and, Praise Be, the button was stretched to it’s limits but didn’t ping off.

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