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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Perfect Party Skirts

I know it’s still very much November, but the John Lewis Christmas advert is here (and it made me well up, but I still like the Argos one more) so that means it’s safe to start thinking festive thoughts. One of those festive thoughts is ‘What the hell am I going to wear to the party?’ I find dressing up quite stressful, it’s not my comfort zone tbh. I hate feeling trussed up and uncomfortable, and at this time of year I hate feeling cold too. So you will see a few chunky knits with these party skirts.

I decided to focus just on party skirts for this post, I might do a dress post in a few weeks if there’s an appetite for it, but this year I feel like skirts are making a bit of a come back. Plus you could potentially wear any of these outfits all day and not feel like you’re all dressed up and nowhere to go, even if you HAVE got somewhere better to go later on. Does that even make sense?

[Housekeeping note: I’m sure you all know but I am duty bound to remind you that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you buy something by clicking through I stand to make a commission. If you do not agree with this then you can of course search out your own link]


I have been searching high and low (online and in shops) for the perfect tulle skirt to wear with chunky black lace up boots ever since I went to the Dior exhibition and saw that look. The one in the middle above by the current designer Maria Grazia Chiuri. Obviously I can’t afford to buy a Dior skirt so I’ve been looking for something similar for a fraction of the price. The current front runner is this one from Maje with the added (Christmas) bonus of gold embroidered stars. I’d wear it with a Rock T Shirt and a leather jacket. I love to butch-up something very feminine.

party skirts tulle

1. All Saints Dalby Leather Biker Jacket 
2. Missoma Gold T Bar Chunky Necklace 
3. H&M AC/DC T Shirt 
4. Maje Star Embroidered Tulle Skirt 
5. M&S Black Leather Hiker Boots 


Ahh the old party classic. If in doubt, get the sequins out. I have tried many times to embrace sequins, with varying degrees of success. Twice I’ve bought (and returned) a sequin jacket thinking it would just ‘jazz up’ a good pair of jeans. Wrong. I just ended up feeling like Twiggy. Or Carol Vorderman. Don’t get me wrong, Twiggy is lovely. I worked with her once. She put an album out about 8 years ago. I even got a thank you in the credits. It was all very nice, ’ Thanks so much for all your help’ and ‘Do you want a lift somewhere, I’ve got a driver’, until it didn’t crack the Top 100, thereafter I was left alone on the pavement waiting for the bus home. This year maybe I’ll try a sequin party skirt and pay for my own Uber.

party skirts sequin

1. All Saints Navarre Roll Neck Jumper 
2. Warehouse Diamante Clutch Bag 
3. Disko Kids x Wearsmymoney T Shirt 
4. Whistles Silver Sequin Midi Skirt 
5. Boden Adelaide Jewel Bow Flats 


I worry about the panty line situation when it comes to satin. My days of wearing a thong are long gone. Although they were never really here to be fair. A G‑String was never an item of underwear I could get on board with. Can they ever be comfortable? Really? a thin strip of lace up your arse crack is never going to be, but I guess comfort was never the big selling point. My favoured undercrackers are these from M&S. They are good in the No VPL stakes and offer good coverage. I am very much in favour of a full brief with my satin skirt.

party skirts Satin

1. Mint Velvet Black Square Neck Top 
2. Gucci Marmont Wallet On A Chain 
3. Baukjen Phoebe Blazer 
4. Top Shop Satin Bias Cut Skirt 
5. Office Multi Strap Flat Leather Boots 


This is probably the trickiest option, but there would be no fear of a VPL with all these ruffles. I think you need an actual waist to pull this one off though. Great for hourglass girls, or straight up-and-downers. My figure is currently veering towards the ‘apple’. The thickening middle that shows no signs of slowing down. Of course I could stop eating cheese and do more exercise, but where’s the fun in that? If you are in the same situation, I wrote a whole post about how to disguise a bit of tummy. Those are the tips I live my life by. That, and Spanx occasionally.

party skirts Ruffles

1. H&M T Shirt with Beaded Embroidery 
2. YSL Kate Leather Cross Body Bag 
3. AND/OR Black Leather Biker Jacket
4. Top Shop Floral Print Black Ruffle Skirt 
5. J Crew Pointed Glitter Mary Jane Flats


Come on! I couldn’t do a post about Party Skirts, or any skirts for that matter, without throwing in a bit of animal print. There’s 2 great Zebra skirts out there, this one from Moulton and this one from Whistles. I know I don’t do heels as a rule, but pencil skirts really do need them I think. Go for a blocky heel for slightly more comfort and ease of walking. I love love the look of these J Crew Mary Janes, they look VERY Miu Miu.

party skirts Animal Print

1. Next Emma Willis Sparkle Blouse 
2. Top Shop Leopard Clutch Bag 
3. John Lewis & Partners Black Crombie Coat
4. Moulton Zebra Midi Skirt 
5. J Crew Velvet Mary Janes 

Next week we’ve got Puffer Jackets, Let me know if you’d like a party dress post before December and I will try and get on with that. I also had a request to do a ‘What to wear with your Grenson Boots’ (or your preferred hiking style boots) Let me know if you’d like that soon too.

K x

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