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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Put on a Puffer

Before we get to the Puffer Jacket, as of this week, you are now reading and AWARD WINNING blog. I don’t often blow my own trumpet, but for once, why not? I won best  Fashion Blog at Good Web Guide Awards. I’m still in the Middle East for work so I wasn’t there to bask in my own glory, therefore I’m doing it now…

But back to business…The humble puffer jacket, something we don’t think about for 9 months of the year but once that cold weather really hits, my thoughts will always turn to something that resembles a duvet. I (surprisingly for me) only have one puffer jacket. It was from a previous JW Anderson x Uniqlo collection and I love it, but it is short so doesn’t give the full coverage I sometimes need when the wind chill hits at Griffin Park.

Griffin Park is the home of our beloved Brentford FC. A much overlooked London Football club in my opinion. They are not sexy, they never get any press coverage, the Stadium is old and tired and is described by QPR fans as ‘Just a Bus Stop in Hounslow’ Bastards. But we love it there. I go with my boys and sit next Leslie from Sutton. I pretend to know all about each players form and whether that tackle was a bit off, and we try hard to ignore the awful armchair pundits who sit behind us.

We ritually go to the crappy corner shop and buy a very poor selection of confectionary for our half time snacks. At this time of year I sometimes splash out and buy a Bovril at half time. Bovril is pretty much just meat flavoured salty water, but when it’s cold it really hits the spot. But I digress, so even if you don’t go to football, you may well have other outdoor pursuits that require a warm downy jacket. Here’s a selection I found for you.


The Classic hip length puffer jacket is a good entry point to the world of warmth if you haven’t bought one before. Mango has a great selection right now. I always look for one that has a high neck you can button up for when it gets really chilly. Pair with jeans and a chunky roll neck sweater. I bought this bag from JW by Pei. It’s my new favourite bag. It was well cheap but looks well expensive. It came from the US really quickly and I didnt get stung for any import tax! Bonus!

1. Mango Water Repellent Puffer Jacket 
2.  Friday by JWPei Mock Croc Mini Flap Bag 
3. Weekday Angel Mockneck Sweater 
4. Cos Tapered Leg Jeans 
5. Clarks Trace Pine Leather Ankle Boots 


This is what I think I need for the football. A proper Arsene Wenger style Duvet coat. This one from M&S is my front runner. It’s super light as well and being super warm and cosy. I’ll wear it with layers for even more warmth. For the football in the winter I go for thermals under everything. Put thermal leggings under leather trousers and you are not only warm but also waterproof! Also, don’t forget your sheepskin innersoles. I have them in ALL my shoes in the winter.

1. & Other Stories Duo Tone Leather Cross Body Bag 
2. & Other Stories Wool Blend Turtleneck Sweater
3. Hush Black Leather Joggers 
4. M&S Ultralight Down and Feather Quilted Coat 
5. Nike Air Force 1 07 Trainers 


If you think a large puffy jacket will drown you, then look for slightly more cropped versions. These styles are better for those of a smaller stature. Wear them with your Fairisle sweater. Still not over Fairisle. I have the last years version of this Boden number in grey and it’s very cosy, so I assume this years one will be just as good. This M&S one is only £25 and is also super soft. These Jeans from Kin at John Lewis look great on, I have them (as part of a ad I did with them) and they are such a great shape.

1. Boden Emma Fairisle Sweater
2. Arket Cropped Down Puffer Jacket 
3. Boden Fairisle Socks 
4. Kin Tapered Cropped Indigo Jeans
5. John Lewis & Partners Emina Chunky Sole Trainers 


If you don’t feel like you want to go for the full puff, then why not try a quilted coat or jacket? You could layer up over your old denim jacket for extra warmth, or get yourself one of these from Uniqlo. They are little body warmers that pack down to nothing. They give you an extra layer of warmth without being too bulky under your coat. Sometimes a few thinner layers work just as well (if not better) than one big coat. Bit tricky on the tube though. Too many things to take off.

1. Barbour X Alexa Chung Quilted Coat 
2. Weekday Avalon Turtleneck Sweater 
3. & Other Stories Lace up Hiker Boots 
4. Cos Button Up Chinos 


If you’ve totally bought into the puffer trend already and are ready for something a bit more adventurous, then a leopard print puffer might just be what you are looking for. I was surprised to see this one from M&S. Quite daring for them. But, as I’ve alway said, never underestimate good old M&S. I’m still loving this Dinosaur cardi from & Other Stories. I caved and bought it because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

1. M&S Leopard Print Puffer Jacket 
2. Cos Cashmere Ribbed Beanie Hat 
3. & Other Stories Dinosaur Button Cardigan 
4. River Island Washed Black Distressed Mom Jeans 
5. Geox Phaolae Black Leather Boots 

Next week it’s either going to be party dresses or what to wear with your Grenson Nanette (or similar) boots! They have been a godsend for me this week walking up and down ancient ruins all day.

K x

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