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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Parkas, Puffas and Winter Boots

Winter really has definitely arrived this week. It’s been cold, damp and there was even a threat of snow at one point. It didn’t actually materialise here in London, but it was enough to warrant thinking about digging into the coat pile in the ‘cupboard of doom’ to locate your Puffa or your Parka and your winter boots. I found my big puffy coat and in the pocket was a ticket to the Liverpool v Southampton game we went to back in February. That must have been the last time I wore it. Feels like an absolute lifetime ago now.

The winter nights are definitely drawing in, as are the days. It feels like we barely get 5 minutes of daylight right now before it’s time to turn all the Christmas lights on again. My husband has taken it upon himself to make all the lights in our house under the control of Siri. No longer can we simply just flick a switch, Oh no, that would be far to simple. Now I’m now having to constantly talk to the machine, ‘Hey Siri, turn on Dining Room Lights’, ‘Hey Siri, turn on living room lights’, and his favourite one, ‘Hey Siri, It’s Christmas!’ That one turns on ALL the fairy lights AND plays Slade. If only it could also turn on the oven and bake me a Camembert…

But back to the jackets. Never in the field of humankind have we had a winter where we will need to be outside as much as we do this year. No matter what tier you are in, if you want to see any friends you’re still going to have to do most of it in the fresh air, and that air is COLD. So if you don’t have one of these jackets already, then may I suggest you think about getting one pretty quickly. Never mind putting the ‘must have’ handbag, perfume or jewels on your Christmas list, the gift of warmth is what you need…


This is your entry-level puffa jacket, simple, effective and looks great with jeans. This M&S one is proving tres populaire as it keeps going in and out of stock, but a the time of writing they had most sizes available. I have this one from & Other Stories and it’s also excellent, if a little more expensive but again, keeps selling out. I think you do get what you pay for in terms of warmth with your puffa purchase. More on that later, but (unless you’re vegan), look for down filled jackets. In my experience, like pillows, the better the down, the better the experience.

Sidebar on the pillows. I bought some new ones from John Lewis a few months ago. Splashed out on the Hungarian down variety and now I shall never go back to cheap pillows. The difference in the head squish* and in turn, the sleep I get is worth every single penny.

*not a technical term, but you know in good hotels when your head just squishes perfectly into the pillow and it just envelopes you like a cloud of dreams. That.

1. M&S Feather And Down Puffa Jacket 
2. Harley Of Scotland Fairisle Jumper 
3. Hush Orisa Girlfriend Style Jeans 
4. The Woolly Wyvern Handmade Fairisle Socks 
5. Grenson Faux Fur Lined Zip Front Boots 


If you require a fuller coverage on your duvet coat then the mid length variety is for you. I know the short jacket isn’t conducive for those of you who like to cover your bum. My first ever puffa jacket that I bought with my own money was a white mid length one from Miss Selfridge in Guildford circa 1987. I was way ahead of East 17 in that respect. It was also the main reason I got my first job (the classic free local newspaper paper round)  so I could you buy that coat. Will work to buy Fashion. Now as much as then.

1. Hush Alianna Khaki Puffa Jacket 
2. Mango Check Print Blouse 
3. & Other Stories Fuzzy Scallop Knit Vest 
4. Hush Corduroy Cropped Trousers 
5. Mango Leather Mountain Boots 


I’ve never actually owned a body warmer, but I am quite taken with the idea of this one from Cos worn over a big fluffy knit. The only problem with a lovely chunky knit sweater is the the age old ‘Can’t fit the arms under my coat’ problem. That wouldn’t happen with a body warmer. This would have to be used on days when full coverage is not required. I bought my husband one of these for his birthday last month. He wears it every single day. Inside and outside. It’s had its cost per wear already and it’s only been 3 weeks.

1. Cos Recycled Polyester Padded Gilet 
2. & Other Stories Check Blanket Scarf 
3. & Other Stories Oversized Zip Collar Wool Sweater
4. H&M Vintage Slim High Ankle Jeans 
5. Air & Grace Camino Suede and Shearling Boots 


If you can’t decide between a long, short or bodywarmer jacket, then fear not, Cos have the ultimate solution with the 3‑in-one coat. it all unzips to create 3 different jackets. I do love a multipurpose item. That includes those penknives that have scissors, screwdrivers, nail files and a saw, any item of clothing that’s reversible, and that very pleasing set of rainbow coloured bowls and measuring spoons I have that all fit neatly inside each other.  In fact all I really want for Christmas is a frying pan that has a lid. One that can go in the oven like a casserole dish or on the hob and is also properly non-stick. If you know such a thing that exists on this earth, do let me know.

1. Cos 3‑in‑1 Hybrid Puffa Jacket 
2. H&M Ribbed Beanie Hat 
3. Joanie Clothing Abbey Road Jumper 
4. Whistles Hollie Button Front Jeans 
5. M&S Tan Leather Hiker Boots 


Finally, one for the Christmas list. This year, other than the elusive frying pan/casserole dish combo (and some new egg cups),  a really expensive parka would be top of my list. Quite often at this time of year I would get a Christmas bonus and spend it on a fancy handbag or a piece of jewellery. This year I work for myself and I only go places with the dog so I may bonus myself a REALLY REALLY warm jacket. Canada Goose would be the ultimate. Not with the fur trim obvs, but a nice plain one filled with Goose Down that can withstand the elements of the field over the way and make Bra lady green with envy.

1. Ganni Recycled Wool Beanie Hat 
2. The Outnet McQ Alexander McQueen Jacquard Knit Sweater 
3. Canada Goose Gabriola Parka Jacket 
4. The Outnet Frame Slim Leg Jeans 
5. Sorel Kinetic Conquest Hiking Boots 

I had a suggestion for next week’s post, that’s failsafe outfits or items of clothing that I always reach for. I think I can do that, then we’ll get in to Xmas outfit ideas.

K x

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