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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

New Season Now — Part 1

Strap yourselves in for a bumper edition of all the new season now. It’s a big one, and I found so much good stuff that I’m going to make this into a two-parter as I’m sad for the things I didn’t get to include this week.

Autumn fashion is my absolute favourite. I like the colours, the light layers, the ‘I could potentially wear a big coat over a T‑shirt, but I could just as easily wear a sweater and no jacket’. I know, it’s shallow, but these little wins in the wardrobe department really make me happy. It’s the most eclectic of all the seasons. One day you might be basking in sunshine and wearing a dress sans tights or secret leggings. The next day you could be cosying up in a quilted jacket and a pair of cords. Yes, there is a sprinkling of cord this week and next!

Officially, autumn doesn’t start until 22nd Sept, but as good Girl Scouts we should always be prepared. I very much enjoyed being a Brownie back when I was about eight and got some good badges – dressmaking, starting a fire, making a sandwich – but, when it came to graduating into a Girl Scout, things went downhill. I wasn’t keen on the length of the skirt, and the hat was always too small for my massive head. But the final straw came when they told me I couldn’t wear my red moccasins to the meetings. That was it. Never went back. Still not keen on any rules when it comes to clothing either. Wear what you like.

Here are six outfits that I would very much like to wear over the coming weeks and months.


‘Oh, get a life woman, and stop showing us striped jumpers,’ I hear you cry. Sorry-not-sorry that I found another one that I love. It’s long been established that I am a creature of habit and can (apparently) legit blame it on being a Capricorn. My tendency to be drawn to the same thing over and over knows no bounds. Don’t judge me on my six pairs of khaki trousers and my eight striped tops, just be thankful you don’t suffer from this repeat-buy affliction. Anyhoo, this week’s pick is the And/Or stripe balloon-sleeved sweater. I saw it in the flesh this week at a John Lewis event. Go a size up if, like me, you are into the oversized jumper look for this season. If you want to splash the cash then this cashmere one from Boden is amazing. Also, props to this Hush T‑shirt – it’s super-soft, a great autumnal colour and, honestly, the shoulder detail doesn’t make you look like an American football player.

New season now. The September issue

1. Hush Edie shoulder detail T shirt 
2. Belrose Rosie cognac leather bag 
3. AND/OR Rachel stripe round neck jumper 
4. Albaray light denim relaxed fit jeans 
5. Shoe The Bear Agda red/brown hiker boots 


I feel sad for my summer dresses that didn’t get much of an airing this year. I won’t pack all of them away just yet though as it’s always good to do a bit of layering with long-sleeved T‑shirts, cardigans and secret leggings for the autumn. And it’s nearly Boot Season too! I love a girly dress worn with big old boots. Once a grunge girl, always a grunge girl. It never leaves you. 

New season now. The September issue

1. People Tree V&A Millefleur maxi dress 
2. Eyland Thalassa Shell  necklace 
3. Navy Grey Alpaca wool classic cardigan 
4. Selected Femme Emma leather chelsea boots 
5. Anya Hindmarch ‘I Am A Plastic Bag’ tote bag 


I need to have a word with myself over my dual love of green trousers and corduroy. I. DO. NOT. NEED any more of either, but these beauties by American Vintage from The Mercantile London really speak to me. I would wear them just like this, with an oversized knit jumper and a leather jacket. I’m still trying to work out if fluffy Boston Birkenstocks are acceptable attire outside the house, or will it just look like I forgot to take my slippers off?

New season now. The September issue

1. John Lewis & Partners black leather biker jacket 
2. Kate Sheridan Viola mini pop bag 
3. Cos zip front cotton/wool mix sweater
4. American Vintage Padow corduroy trousers 
5. Birkenstock Boston big buckle slippers 


If you checked out my blog about White Stuff earlier this week, you may have been left wondering about the coat I mentioned. Well, it’s this one. I couldn’t wait until next month to show it to you. It looks like it could be the most perfect all-round winter coat. Green. Quilted. Big pockets. Hood. It’s on my wish list. There are SO many choices for the quilted coat/jacket this season. Everyone is doing them, so if you’re on the hunt you are bound to find one, no matter what your budget is. Also, tank tops are back again for this season in a big way. The 1940s archaeologist look is VERY A/W 2021 and I’m here for it. 

New season now. The September issue

1. White Stuff Blair denim shirt
2. Resume Gerdars knitted vest 
3. People Tree Ensley corduroy trousers 
4. White Stuff Sloane padded coat
5. Blundstone brown leather boots 


If you are a fan of the knee-high boot, you are in luck because they are also having a moment again this year. The perfect accompaniment to a midi skirt and a nice camel coat. There are a few excellent pairs in already with more to come in the next few weeks. Don’t worry if you sometimes struggle with high boots being too tight on the calves, as John Lewis are doing a collection with Erica Davies that’s launching next month. Keep an eye out for that. 

New season now. The September issue

1. People Tree navy Jasmine cardigan
2. Whistles Camel Yasmin wool coat 
3. Fabienne Chapot Anais leather embroidered handbag 
4. Toast needlecord yoke skirt 
5. La Redoute suede knee high boots 


I know I did sweatshirts the other week but I do love the idea of wearing them with a shirt underneath rather than a T‑shirt. Making it just a tiny bit less casual. I also love everything from the new Sezane collection. In my head I’m a svelte French lady, wandering the streets of Montmartre, stopping only to admire a street painter or sit at a café eating some pâté and maybe a cheese platter with a nice glass of full-bodied red. Unfortunately, I’m not. Plus we all know that stopping to eat pâté and cheese is not conducive to being svelte. Luckily these days, Sezane now goes up to an XXL so you can still wear the clothes even if you don’t have the lifestyle. 

New season now. The September issue

1. Sezane Amour sweatshirt 
2. Arket relaxed fit poplin shirt 
3. M&S tencel tapered ankle grazer jeans 
4. Samsoe Samsoe sage green Blake vest 
5. Grenson suede sneaker 46 

Tune in next week for all the other new season things I’ve found, including a plethora of excellent blouses, more stompy boots, some great jackets and, inevitably, just a touch more corduroy. 

K x

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