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My 5 Winter Skincare Essentials

This post is sponsored by Space NK, and this weekend (from 26th to 29th January) they are running a discount promotion. It’s based on the cost of your full order, so there is:

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I thought I’d give you a run-through of my five favourite winter skincare essentials. I love skincare, so it was tricky to narrow it down, but these are the products I particularly like at this time of year when my skin is dry and doesn’t get much sun…

MEDIK8 Crystal Retinal 6

I’m fairly new to the benefits of retinol and, really, I should have been using it for years as it’s the best thing for ageing (apparently). I started off with the Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3, then moved up to the Retinal 6, which is stronger. Next step will be number 10. I use it more sparingly in the summer, maybe three times a week. In the winter I up it to every other night. It helps smooth out skin tone and keeps the wrinkles from getting too deep too quickly.


This one isn’t cheap. It’s also very rich (hence the name) so I only use it in the winter when my skin is particularly dry. A little goes a long way, and it really is the best dry skin moisturiser I’ve ever tried. The end.

KIEHL’S Creamy Eye Treatment

As with the rest of my face, my eyes get dry in the winter. I have really sensitive eyes, and a lot of creams just irritate them more. This Kiehl’s Eye Treatment is one of only two that I have tried that actually help. It’s super creamy and quite light, but gives a lot of moisture.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

This lip mask has lots of shades/scents to choose from. I use this at night and then again in the morning. I’ve had this pot since September, and it’s not even half used yet. It comes with a little spatula so you don’t have to dig your fingers into it all the time. Great for dry lips.

MEDIK8 C‑Tetra Vitamin C Serum

I use this serum every morning before I put my moisturiser on. It’s not sticky, not oily, it just blends into the skin really easily and makes it feel that little bit brighter. Something we all need during the dark days of January.

 There are so many more products I could go on about, but let’s stick with this top five for now. However, here is a selection of other items that come highly rated from Space NK.

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