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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

My 5 fail safe outfits

We all have those outfits we know we can rely on time after time. For those days when you can’t be bothered to think to much about getting dressed. Something you know you will feel comfortable in. We might not be breaking any fashion boundaries here. In fact I should think that most of you will have a lot of these pieces in your wardrobe already. I know I have as I’m obviously basing this on my own clothes. be warned this post contains my face a lot. Apologies in advance. 

I do love shopping, I do love getting new clothes, I AM often swayed by the newest trend on the block, especially if that trend is ridiculous shoes. I have a HUGE weakness for shoes. Yes I have those furry Gucci Slippers, yes I have those Grenson Nanette Boots, Yes I have those Golden Goose trainers that are made to look old. Hell, I even bought those enormous Balenciaga Triple S trainers. Yes I went there. I thought about it for nearly 2 years and decided to sell a large portion of my wardrobe so I could afford to buy them. What can I say? I’m a sucker for foolish shoe! I’m not afraid of ridicule. I am afraid of raisins though. Raisins should not be allowed in food. A Hot Cross bun would be infinitely better in my eyes without a load of shrivelled up dry grapes inside them.

I digress, This post is not about dried fruit, trends, silly shoes or flash in the pan fads. It’s about those outfits that I personally can fall back on for everyday wear. Nothing groundbreaking to see here folks. There will also be a few items repeated from previous posts. Sometimes you just don’t need anything new*.

*That’s what I tell myself every week. Never works out like that though… 


Let’s start with my default outfit. One we ALL have surely? It’s basically jeans and sweatshirt. I’ve said before, I really don’t think you need to spend pots of cash on denim. My favourite jeans of all time are the ones I’m wearing above, and they were less than £20 from H&M. Unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore, but these River Island ones are very similar. My current favourite sweatshirts are from Anine Bing. They come up BIG though, so definitely size down. This coat is also a VERY useful addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Goes with everything, not too thick for Spring and the white buttons somehow make it look more expensive than it really is. The Air & Grace Trainers just make me happy. I mean, glittering leopard high tops, what’s not to like? 

  1. Anine Bing City Love Sweatshirt 
  2. Mango Coca Cola T Shirt 
  3. River Island Mid Blue Straight Leg Jeans 
  4. Find Clothing Double Breasted Coat 
  5. Air & Grace Alto Leopard Glitter Trainers 


The old adage, ‘If in doubt, wear black’ is one that I do tend to live by. Apart from at weddings. You can’t really wear black to a wedding can you? or is that white? or both? My fallback black outfit is skinny jeans (yes you can still wear skinny jeans, especially if they are black), black blazer, black T shirt and black boots. Groundbreaking stuff. For Black blazers, go Boden, or J Crew, the quality and the fit is there. For plain T‑shirts, try Baukjen. They do them in a few colours, the sleeves are the perfect slightly longer length for those of us who want to hide their bad 90’s tattoos, or the dinner lady arms, either way, they work for me. 

  1. Boden Elizabeth Ponte Blazer
  2. Joanie Clothing Abbey Road Jumper 
  3. Baukjen Roll Cuff T Shirt 
  4. H&M Skinny High Ankle Jeans
  5. & Other Stories Leather Chelsea Boots 


I’ve waxed lyrical many times on the merits of a good buffet dress, so called because you could eat the entire Buffet and no-one would ever know. They hide all sins, should be nice and loose, ideally fall just above the ankle and be patterned. A full block colour I find trickier to pull off. All black and you could be mistaken for a vicar, All blue, could make you feel like a nun and all red, a handmaid (under his eye, praise be). So a nice light floral is the ideal. Wear with trainers or ankle boots. One of the easiest outfits going. I just bought this one from Modern Rarity at John Lewis. It’s the PERFECT buffet dress and it has POCKETS! the holy grail of the dress in my opinion. I will be sporting this exact outfit some time next week. 

failsafe outfit buffet dress
  1. Modern Rarity Ruffle Print Dress 
  2. & Other Stories Double Breasted Oversized Blazer 
  3. Gucci Marmont Small Shoulder Bag 
  4. Dr Martens Kensington Chelsea Boots 
  5. Golden Goose Slide Distressed Leather Hi-Tops 


cropped trousers cos

I’ve alway been a fan of a wide legged cropped trouser, I think I like them so much because they show off shoes so well. Told you it’s all about the shoes. Teaming your wide leg with a blazer and a breton will instantly make you look smart-but-not-too-smart, a step away from jeans if you need to look a little less casual. Cos do the best trousers on the High Street in my opinion. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a duff pair from there. Pair this look with your hiking boots if it’s still chilly or a classic pair of Veja trainers if you’re ready for a bare ankle. 

cropped trousers failsafe outfit
  1. J Crew Wool Flannel Parke Blazer 
  2. Arket Striped Merino Wool Sweater 
  3. John Lewis Green Leather Barrel Bag 
  4. Cos Cropped Cotton Pleat Front Trousers 
  5. Veja V10 Leather Trainers 


green chinos outfit

Green Chinos have alway been a wardrobe staple for me. They can work at any time of year depending on what you wear with them. As it’s Spring (ish) but still chilly, I’ve been wearing mine with grey cashmere and last years Boden Blazer (that’s now half price). Below is pretty much my exact outfit. I can’t recommend the Carloe London bags highly enough. Especially as they now come with a detachable top handle as well as the long strap. It’s the small touches that make it stand out. I got my khakis from Cos (obvs) but they don’t sell them anymore, this Hush pair look like a good alternative though. 

failsafe outfit green chinos
  1. H&M Grey Marl Cashmere Jumper 
  2. Boden Eleveden Tweed Blazer 
  3. Hush Girlfriend Chino Khaki Trousers 
  4. Carloe London Navy Box Bag 
  5. Grenson Bridget Leather Hiking Boots 

Do you have a failsafe outfit or 2? if in doubt, what would you choose? 

K x

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