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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Timeless Trench Coats

Trench Coats, for Spring…Groundbreaking. Going back through my blog archives, I wrote about them this time last year too. But who cares if I’m being basic and obvious? It’s a new year, Trench Coats are seriously needed in this weather and there’s so much choice this season that I felt the need to revisit this perennial classic. 

First up I must tell you, don’t get put off by the belt. No-one really ever belts their Trench Coat these days. it’s just a feature that you need to work with. Ideally just tie the belt in a knot around the back. It gives your coat a little more shape and gets it out of the way. I tend to buy my coats on the larger side so they are suitable for layering, plus I just think they look better bigger. 

There is definitely a style out there for everyone. I know I say that every week, but it’s particularly true here. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a Trench either. I know Burberry is pure goals, and it is the ultimate, but the High Street really does have a great range this year. My favourite trench is one I got in the sale from M&S back in 2016. It’s Olive Green from the Alexa Chung range. I think I got it for the grand total of £28! It’s also a size 8 but is still big. Not sure what went on with the sizing of that, but it’s a really great coat that I will continue to wear for years to come. I have added a new one to my wardrobe this week though — more on that later. Let’s start with the Green Trench…


This Topshop number is probably the closest I could find to the one I have. Olive Green is great alternative to the classic stone colour, especially if you are a clumsy oaf like me and worry about throwing your coffee / tea/ wine / dinner all over yourself. A super easy pairing would be with a nice cardi, classic straight leg jeans (these ‘Editor’ style from Toppers are excellent), and loafers. Loafers and a trench feel just so timeless. I’m sure Audrey Hepburn wore them over 50 years ago and we could all still rock that look now. 

  1. Top Shop Olive green Belted Trench Coat 
  2. Boden Erica Cardigan 
  3. A.P.C. Demi Lune Leather Bag 
  4. Top Shop Mid Blue Editor Jeans 
  5. Gucci Jordaan Red Leather Loafers


If, like me, you like a bit of length to your coats, then this long trench from M&S is your friend. A long line is great with maxi and midi dresses. the ideal is to have your coat be the same length as your dress, or close as you can get. It just looks cool. I might have accidentally bought this Ganni dress the other week. Like I needed anymore leopard print in my life, but I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to Ganni and that print. 

  1. Marks & Spencer Double Breasted Longline Trench Coat 
  2. Gucci Soho Disco Bag 
  3. Ganni Leopard Print Midi Dress 
  4. Top Shop Ashton Ankle Boots (on sale) 


If you want to stick to the absolute classic stone coloured trench then you could do a lot worse than this one from Levis. Double Breasted, Epaulettes, Checked Lining. It ticks all the right trench boxes. For Grenson Nanette lovers out there who still haven’t managed to get their hands on a pair, Selfridges now stock them, and at the time of writing still had most sizes available. Don’t worry about the Hiking boot trend not continuing into next winter. I’m telling you , it’s here to stay. 

  1. Levi’s Classic Camel Trench Coat 
  2. Rayban Tortoise Shell Wayfarer Sunglasses 
  3. Joanie Clothing New York City Jumper 
  4. Cos Black Relaxed Pleated Trousers 
  5. Grenson Nanette Hiker Boots 


A very lightweight version of the classic trench, one you can just throw on over anything. It’s not about being sensible and shower-proof this one, it’s more about the ‘I want to put a coat on but I don’t want to actually wear a coat’ kind of vibe, if you know what I mean? I was lucky enough to be be invited to try out the John Lewis Personal Shopping service this week. I can highly recommend it. It’s free, there’s no obligation to spend lots of cash and all the people I met there were absolutely lovely. One of the things I picked out was this fluid trench. It’s way better in real life, I love it and can see it getting a lot of use once the weather perks up a bit. Why not go for a full-on tonal neutral look? Just watch out for spillages…

  1. John Lewis Fluid Cuff Sleeve Trench Coat 
  2. Cos Deep V Neck Knitted Jumper
  3. Arket Cream Crepe Pleated Skirt 
  4. Top Shop Howdie Western Boots 


Feeling like the trench can be a bit too masculine for you? Never fear, I’ve found a girly pink one for you from YAS. I’m not a big fan of pink I have to say, but a dusky pink coat would be the exception. This colour looks great with a white shirt and jeans. These jeans are a very similar style to the ‘Casey’ Jeans I got from River Island last year that a lot of you also loved. The fit is excellent, good stretch, nice higher waist and a straight leg with a raw hem so you can cut it to your desired crop length if you are of shorter stature. 

  1. The Outnet Marc Jacobs Textured Leather Bag 
  2. & Other Stories Pinstripe Shirt 
  3. Yas Cuban Pink Trench Coat 
  4. River Island Mid Blue Straight Leg Jeans 
  5. & Other Stories Platform Leather Croc Oxford Shoes (on sale)

I haven’t thought much about next week’s blog yet as we’ve been busy with the new kittens. When I say busy, I mean we just sit and stare at them for ages. It’s better than Netflix!

K x

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