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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Midweek Treat, What I Bought This Week (July 18)

Again, artistic license in action here. What I bought in the last 27 days is the truth, but it just doesn’t rhyme OK, so I’m sticking with this title until I can think of a better one. This is proving to be quite a helpful post for me, a good way of keeping track on my spending. I’d like to think it’s going to stop me from buying more and prove a useful guide to what’s actually in my over-stuffed wardrobe, but in reality, it probably won’t. I like shopping too much. When I get back from holidays next month though I promise to do a proper wardrobe clear-out and pop a load of things on eBay. I’ll keep you posted in case you fancy any of it!

So here’s what I’ve purchased recently…

As I mentioned on Instagram, this Marks & Spencer’s jacket was not something I intended to buy. I mean I did a whole post on the M&S last week and this didn’t even feature. I was in Soho last week and saw a girl wearing this jacket. I just assumed it was an expensive designer number, as she was also wearing Gucci trainers, a girl after my own heart indeed. I wasn’t about to chase her down the street to ask about her jacket, although I have been known to do that, so I resigned myself to never knowing. Minutes later I popped into M&S to stock up on the worlds best secret socks and there was the self-same jacket hanging brazenly in the sale section! Some things are just meant to be. I cut the tassels off though, no need for those in my life.

Marks and Spencer Embroidered Jacket

I didn’t go into the big Top Shop in Oxford Circus other than to kill 5 minutes before a meeting that I was early for. I’m quite often early for things, then have to kill time and get massively side-tracked and end up being late. I spied this dress as soon as I walked in and it doesn’t disappoint. I love it. It’s true to size too.

Top Shop FLoral Dres

As I’m not necessarily a totally natural blonde, so I’m always on the look out for hair products that make my highlights last longer. who wants to spend a fortune and 3 hours at the hairdressers every other month? Although saying that, I do like the relative quiet of a salon, and the wealth of magazines. I tried this new new product by Kerastase the other week. It’s a pen with colour that you add to a hair mask, so it brightens up the old blonde and does a deep conditioning treatment. Works an absolute treat! they do a load of colours, but obviously I can only vouch for the blonde one…

Kerastase Reflection Creme

I bought these Tan leather sandals from ASOS after reading a blog post by Fran (The Fashion Lift) I realised I didn’t have a pair of tan leather sandals in my wardrobe and felt the need to rectify right away!  They were the bargain price of £16 too! bonus.

ASOS tan leather sandals

I have pretty oily skin, which I’m always being told is a good thing as apparently it means less wrinkles, however in the summer I’m glistening come 11am and it gets on my nerves. I bought this BB Cream by La Roche-Posay to try. So far, so good. It doesn’t exactly stop the greasy face but I’m not sure anything will, it’s really nice and light and a great alternative to foundation in the summer.

La Roche Posay BB Blue Cream

Finally, my lovely cashmere sweater with a monkey on from Chinti and Parker. I got mine in Fenwicks on Bond Street, their 3rd floor was a revelation, full of cool brands and the sale prices were great. I’m actually looking forward to Autumn so I get to wear this more.

Chinti and Parker Cashmere Sweater

This month seems reasonably restrained. Maybe because I’ve spent all my money on a holiday to New York. At this rate will be paying it off until 2020, so I’m really hoping we have the best time ever. I am considering buying a ‘proper’ camera to take with me. Every bloody time I take a photo with my phone these days it flashes up that the storage is full. Yes, I could get a phone with more memory, but I quite fancy a real camera now. I like the look of this one.

panasonic lumix camera

If anyone has any camera advice, please do let me know what you think. I know absolutely nothing!

K x

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