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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

New York State Of Mind

Start spreading the news, we’re leaving today… well, on Tuesday actually, but who’s counting? Yes, we are going to New York (and Boston and Cape Cod) on our holidays, It’s part city-break, part beach-holiday, as I demand the best of both worlds. I love to lie in the sun all day, but I also want to see stuff, we won’t mention the shopping, that goes without saying. I’m hoping this holiday will tick all the boxes. It bloody better do as it’s the most expensive and ambitious trip I’ve ever planned for the family. We usually go to Europe for a fortnight or visit the in-laws in Vancouver. This year I’ve gone totally off piste, spurred on by a cheap flight deal and an urge to see New York again.

I’ve only ever been to New York once before and that was 17 years ago in the bleak mid-winter when the conditions were Arctic. August is the polar opposite and no doubt the kids will be complaining about the heat in the same way I moaned about the cold. I’m hoping they will be excited to see the locations of some of their favourite films, Elf, Ghostbusters and Big. I already know I’ll be humming Carly Simon on the Staten Island Ferry* and Getting into the Groove when I sit on the railings in Battery Park**.

Along with New York, we are also getting the Train to Boston, then having a week by the beach in Cape Cod, then back to Brooklyn for the remaining few days. It will be fully planes, trains and automobiles, don’t get me started on still being the only one who can actually drive a car in my family. But, I’m sure there won’t be a dull moment. So, the reason for this post is not to bang on about my holiday, well it is a bit, but I’m working out what to pack. I need outfits for the city and the beach and I can’t take too much stuff. This blog post is massively self-indulgent, and I apologise, but I’m hoping it will serve as a visual tool for my packing options as I own most of these things (or similar) already…


It’s going to be HOT. I’m thinking light summer dresses and my trusty Birks will suffice for sightseeing. I bought this Top Shop dress, it’s quite see-though in some light, so get your attractive big flesh coloured pants on, or get one of these that work a treat under see through skirts or dresses. I don’t want to take too many jackets, so I think I’ll stick with the denim…

1. Top Shop Lace insert dress
2. Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses
3. Levis Denim Jacket
4. Birkenstock Suede Sandals
5. Gucci Soho Disco Bag 


Possibly slightly cooler that NYC as it’s further up the coast, I’ll take one or two pairs of jeans in case the temperature dips, plus my trusty Gucci belt and Veja Trainers.

1. Gucci Leather Belt
2. Mango Crop Flare Jeans
3. Veja Leather Trainers
4. & Other Stories Stripe T‑Shirt
5. Top Shop Stripe Shirt 


This part of the holiday will be totally beach based. I won’t tell the kids it’s where they filmed Jaws. Now I’ve thought that. I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Shit…This shirt from H&M is a summer staple of mine. They sell a few versions every year, it’s cotton, lightweight and nice and cheap. I also swear by my Boden swimming costume, had it for years and I bring it out fr every holiday. I’m way past having a bikini body but this costume covers all the right areas.

1. H&M Stripe Cotton Shirt
2. Boden Halter Neck Swim Suit
3. Mango Soft Denim Shorts
4. ASOS Stripe Woven Bag
5. Adidas Sliders 


Hoping to waft around the vintage shops and hang out in artisan hipster coffee shops. It will be just like Shoreditch. Maybe. T‑Shirts and Navy Cotton trousers or a denim skirt will do me I think, with a sweatshirt for evenings.

1. Ganni Embroidered Printed T Shirt
2. & Other Stories Cotton Trousers
3. & Other Stories Raw Edge Sandals
4. Isabel Marant Etoile Linen Shirt
5. Stella McCartney Denim Skirt (on sale)
6. Vans Old Skool Lite Trainers 

Please do let me know if you have any tips for me in this part of the world, what to do, what to see, where to shop, where to eat. I’d love to know what you recommend!

K x

*Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl

**Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan

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