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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Sunny Sunday Sandals

To be honest, I have no idea if it’s sunny this Sunday, or if I’ll be wearing sandals, as I’ve written this on Friday. I hope it is a bit sunny because by the time you read this I will be in a tent at Latitude Festival, I also hope that it’s warm enough to be wearing sandals because if it isn’t I may well have packed up and gone home. Although as a rule I don’t like camping, or festivals in general, I do like Latitude. It’s not too big, It’s got nice food, you can do yoga by a lake or try some knitting in the woods. It’s also great for mid-age kids, not the Cbeebies brigade, they can go to Camp Bestival, but for 6–14 year olds it’s perfect. The pre-teen was really desperate to go again as he enjoyed it so much when we’ve been in previous years. As he’s not easily pleased these days, I’ll take him pretty much anywhere that makes him happy for more than 5 minutes.

I have digressed again, sorry. This is post is supposed to be about Summer Sandals. We are in full summer swing now, so if you haven’t already got a pair, I suggest you might need some very soon. Now, I’m not really one for anything too girly and that also goes for my open-toed footwear. I favour a chunky sandal, and also recently, a classic Adidas slider. So to that end, I’ve picked out some of my favourite sandal styles that fit into these three categories…


This a new one for me this summer, but I totally get the appeal of the slip on Sandal. You can go for the classic rubber variety, or branch out in to new and exciting materials… Velvet Sliders anyone?


Birkenstocks have always been my go-to summer sandal. yes, they may be a bit ugly, but they are so comfortable and comfort is absolutely key in the heat. Here’s a load of fugly sandals that I am loving…


If you don’t want to look like a failed Olympic swimmer (Sliders) or a German Tourist (Ugly), then why? but also maybe your happy medium is a slightly less chunky sandal. One with a few straps or maybe an ankle tie might be your friend…

Sorry no nice collages this week, I’ve barely had a minute to myself! must try harder…

K x

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