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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Men’s Fashion Special

Ok, ok, I can hear the collective groan from here. We all do it whenever The Sunday Times Style magazine has its bi-annual ‘Men’s Fashion Issue’, BUT I have had a few requests (ok, just three, but I’ve started so I’ll finish) to do this so here we are. I won’t do the big preamble, I’ll just show you some outfits that I like. I’m no expert on men’s fashion. Let’s be honest, I’m no expert on women’s fashion either, but that never stopped me before, so let’s run with this.

I’ve taken inspiration from what my boys and my husband like to wear. Not the Crocs part obviously, but overall they’re all stylish in their own way and they know what they like. If I’m to buy them clothes – which I do less and less these days as they like to take control of their own shopping now – I often head to the same brands and shops I know they will approve of. Uniqlo is great for basics, and they are good for trousers for tall, slim men. COS is similar but for more elevated classic styles and the menswear department at Liberty always has a great selection of brands. END is a one-stop shop for all the cooler sports and designer brands. 

So here are some ideas for the man in your life, or for yourself if you’re one of the three men that subscribe to this website!


wearsmymoney men's fashion special

1. Uniform Bridge 1960 sweatshirt 

2. Rains long evergreen jacket 

3. Edwin salvage loose tapered jeans 

4. John Lewis cotton blend socks 

5. New Balance 574 Legacy trainers 


wearsmymoney men's fashion special

1. Mango round neck wool jumper 

2. Arket quilted liner vest 

3. Beams Plus rag socks 

4. Folk navy Assembly pants 

5. Axel Arigato leather, suede and mesh Genesis trainers 


wearsmymoney men's fashion special

1. Uniqlo navy cashmere crew neck jumper 

2. Uniqlo cotton regular fit stripe shirt 

3. Cos regular fit tapered twill chinos 

4. Reiss navy wool blend coat 

5. Grenson Harry leather lace up boots 


wearsmymoney men's fashion special

1. Ami Paris black logo virgin wool sweater

2. Cos merino wool beanie hat 

3. Uniqlo hybrid down parka jacket 

4. Carhartt WIP cotton cargo trousers 

5. Nike Air Force One Luxe trainers 


wearsmymoney men's fashion special

1. Wood Wood organic cotton jersey t shirt 

2. Wax London cotton corduroy overshirt 

3. Rains weekend bag 

4. John Lewis ANYDAY relaxed fit cotton trousers 

5. Oliver Sweeney mid top trainers 

I hope you got some inspiration here, and don’t panic I won’t do another one for a while!

K x

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