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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Lounging with Uniqlo

This post is sponsored by Uniqlo. You probably know by now that it’s one of my favourite high street retailers for excellent basics. The knitwear is top quality at great prices, the puffer jackets are always the ones I turn to for the whole family, and they also do really great ‘sitting about at home, but still good enough if you need to pop out’ clothes.

Uniqlo green sweatshirt and black joggers. Boots are from Air & Grace.

Special mention has to go their cotton sweatshirts. For less than £25, they come in lots of colours and are such an easy wear. I tend to go up a size, or else I buy the men’s version as I like my sweatshirts to have a bit more room. For the summer (it will come around, I promise), their shortie pyjamas are excellent, especially if you suffer from night sweats as they’re made from Uniqlo’s special AIRism cotton. For right now, when it’s not so warm, the ultra stretch set is the one I turn to. I used to buy them for the boys when they were small too, in fact one year Edward wore his for a week straight – day and night. Refused to take it off! I had to buy a spare set to swap it and wash it when he wasn’t looking. To be honest, now that I have my own version, I can see why!

Uniqlo stretch set. Dog, slippers and bad 90’s fish tattoo models own.

Also, seeing the weather, a special mention has to go to the Heattech thermals. They are hands down the best I have every tried. Very warm but thin enough to wear under your regular clothes without creating any bulk. Here are more of my top picks for lounging at Uniqlo (I’ve added mens and kids too)

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