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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Red dresses

Lady In Red

This post has been mostly inspired by the $10 vintage red dress I bought here on holiday in Vancouver. It is 100% not inspired by that terrible ‘Lady In Red’ song. I’ve never liked that song. Chris De Burgh was a wholly unattractive pop star with a terrible haircut and bad suits. He rhymed ‘Dance’ with ‘Romance’ and ‘Given half a chance’ FFS. It was unacceptable, even for the ’80s. I don’t believe Princess Di ever liked that song either, she just used it as a cover so Prince Charles wouldn’t get jealous about her enduring love for the much more attractive Duran Duran. John Taylor would have been her favourite. He was everyone’s favourite…

Here’s the dress that inspired me, just look at the roominess and the mass produced factory embroidery, it’s a souvenir muumuu from Panama no less, it’s a beauty and a sight to marvel at, bet you wished you had one…Red mumu dress

It’s the end of the summer, those of you with children are no doubt now counting the hours until school goes back. I’m still on holiday and I’m already looking forward to September, but hopefully we still have a few more days left to show off that semblance of a tan we may have, and if we haven’t then there’s the trusty fake ‘n’ bake to fall back on should there be a few warm days left.

I’ve become a little obsessed with red clothes recently, I’ve already done whole post on the joy of red shoes (at last count I have 4 pairs) but there is nothing quite like a red dress to set off an end of summer glow. The photo of the girl below by The Sartorialist is my dream dress. Annoyingly it’s vintage, I know, I checked.image

I am aware there is a fine line between a little bit-of-end-of-summer-sort-of-sexy-red-dress-cool and end-of-the-road-tart-with-heart-red-dress-mutton. We don’t want anything with slits too high, or, God forbid, anything ‘body-con’ (what’s the opposite of body-con? that’s what I need) I also think the trick is to wear your red dress with sensible shoes or sandals, definitely no strappy or pointy heels with a red mini dress or you really are heading full force into Liz MacDonald* territory.

Here are a few red dress / reasonably sensible shoe combos I like…

imageTea dress style: ASOS V Neck Ruffle Midi Dress in Vintage Floral
With ballet flats: ASOS LYDIA Ribbon Ballet Flats
imageBoho Style: Free People Tulum Embroidered Smock Dress
With these classic boots: Isabel Marant, Dicker Suede Boot


My new favourite brand: Ganni Sachi Silk Maxi Dress
With all-time classics: Converse white leather low one star trainers

imageSmarter option shirt dress: French Connection Cecil Draped Shirt Dress, Masai Red
With the best shoes you might ever buy:Gucci Jordaan leather loafer

imageOne for my petite ladies: Red ASOS Pussybow Dress 
With a silver block heel: Top shop JAGGA Round Heel Shoes — Silver

imageSmock number:Madewell — Embroidered Cutout Linen-blend Dress — Tomato red
With Classic flats:Topshop Women’s ABSENT Strap Shoe — Black

imageMore expensive option:Long-sleeved silk-blend dress by: ISABEL MARANT
With shoes on my wish list: Chloe Scallop black Leather Ballet Flats

What are your thoughts on the red dress? Or Chris de Burgh? Or Duran Duran? Or vintage souvenir dresses from Panama?


*if you don’t know who Liz MacDonald is then shame on you for not watching the best programme on television.

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