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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Take It Easy

Take it Easy

I’m going a bit off-piste with this post, but bear with me here. I like to base my musings on something that inspired me this week rather than what’s considered to be in and out. I totes love me a rock documentary, a ‘rockumentary’ if you will… I just watched over 3 hours of The History of The Eagles on Netflix, I know, what was I thinking? But it was great and now there is nothing I don’t know about Glenn Frey’s bad temper and how he was one of very few men that really could rock a moustache (Magnum PI being the other). I could give you a blow by blow account of Don Henley’s hairstyles from 1968 right through to the present day, his best look was the bouffant Afro style in ’72,  a low point being the ill-advised ponytail during the MTV years in the early ’80s.

The Eagles weren’t a band I paid much attention to until now. I mean, I know that Hotel California could have been written about going to IKEA (you can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave, not once they route you all round the rooms and down into the market-place, where it’s physically impossible to exit without buying tea lights, glasses and napkins), but they were so great in their heyday. The songs are still absolute belters, the double denim was totally on point and the inner workings of a rock band on the edge is a fascinating subject. I also highly recommend the old BBC 4 Documentary on Fleetwood Mac — they were even more complicated in their inter-band ‘liaisons’ And did WAY more drugs.

Anyway, I digress again, back to my point, turns out watching The Eagles film has inspired me fashion-wise. I’m not suggesting you grow a ‘tache and get a bubble perm, but I’ve Taken It To The Limit and dug out my old style varsity jacket and a suede midi skirt this week. I also got a Peaceful Easy Feeing by throwing caution to the wind and giving denim on denim another go too. Lets take a look at what I’m on about…



The Eagles were also totally on-trend with their white blouses, rope ties and black jackets for their 2nd album Desperado, so let’s try those out too for a smarter look on One Of These Nights out…



Until next time, Take It Easy…

K x

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