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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Midweek Treat — Slogan Sweatshirts

Last week I was into rainbows, this week I’m into slogan sweatshirts. I’m nothing if not fickle. But I’ve gone a bit mad on sweats over the past few weeks. In this weather you need something cosy to rely on, and if you can have a nice slogan emblazoned across your chest, then that’s even better in my eyes. You really can’t beat a good sweatshirt, my current favourite is my ‘Hanwell’ one from ‘On the Rise’, they do a fantastic range, the fit is excellent and if you ask them nicely they can even make you a bespoke one. I asked them nicely for mine, it wasn’t part of their ‘London Places’ range as frankly, barely anyone has ever even heard of my small enclave of West London called Hanwell. It’s been up and coming for the past 14 years, it’s slowly getting there. We now have 4 really decent pubs, many nice cafes and an excellent free music festival. Check out the Hanwell Hootie on May 12, it’s all the fun, all the music and many of the drinks!

Slogan Sweatshirts

But enough about me and where I live, let’s get back to the sweatshirts. As ever, our wonderful high street has a fantastic selection available, here are some of my favourites…

What slogan would you have your sweatshirt — if you could choose?

K x

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