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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Jumpsuit for Joy

So, Jumpsuits. I know they can be tricky. Let’s not even get started on the toilet situation, it’s just something you will have to deal with, but I am feeling the all-in-one vibe at the moment. It’s an easy option, in the same way as dress, where you don’t think to think about it too much. Just put it on and go. Slightly more suitable for work than dungarees. Slightly more grown-up too. Just ignore the naysayers and those people in your family who will ridicule you for looking like a Plumber / Phil Mitchell / Someone from Slipknot.

To be honest, I do worry a little bit about what my backside looks like, as sometimes jumpsuits can veer towards the unflattering. I think the trick is to size up and not get anything too clingy unless you have total confidence in your arse, in which case, go for it sista! I was out for dinner this week at the achingly cool Chiltern Firehouse, where the female staff all wear the most amazing, and very tight, jumpsuits. I did laugh when I mentally pictured myself in one. It would not be a pretty sight. I then tucked into a 4 course dinner and accepted that I’m not 25 anymore.

But I do think there really is a jumpsuit out there for everyone, no matter what shape or size you are. Petite ladies can rock a cropped leg, Curvy girls can go for a V‑neck and a tie waist, those who like to keep it casual can for a khaki and trainers combo, and those who like a bit of a dress up can add a spanking pair of heeled sandals. Or mix it up and go for a smart/casual vibe.

I bought my jumpsuit (above) at Gap. After being a bit dismissive about them on my last post, I thought I would just pop in and see if they could change my mind. They didn’t really. Gap is still the clothes shop equivalent of DFS, never not got a sale on, but I did check out the dregs-of-the-sale rail and I came away with this bargain for £19. Unfortunately it’s not on their website, it was probably brought out from their stock room from the 1998 collection. But fear not, since then I’ve had a little look around online and come up with what I hope is a decent selection of jumpsuits for you to have a think about. Here’s some that work for everyday wear.

Pair with a nice pair of sandals or espadrilles if the weather perks up, otherwise your trusty trainers will work a treat…

Here is another little selection that would work for a slightly dressier occasion…

Pair these with a high heeled sandal,  a fancy little clutch and a smart jacket for a night out…

I hope this has inspired you to try a jumpsuit out. There’s also quite a few decent ‘playsuit’ options around for summer, but that was maybe a step to far for now. Perhaps we will revisit that another time.

K x

P.S. I have recently discovered Charlotte Tilbury make-up. I know, I know, so behind the times on that one, but it’s SO GOOD and now I want to buy it ALL! One of the best lipsticks I’ve ever had, and a lovely selection of colours. She  is selling on Feelunique now too. My favourite beauty website — they have EVERYTHING, and you get free delivery over £15 AND free samples! What’s not to like? Here’s all the products I have bought and all the ones I still want to buy…

P.P.S. Try this link, should get you £10 off your first order!

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