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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Joanie x Coronation Street

Sponsored by Joanie. If you have known me for while, you will know that my love for Coronation Street runs deep. I was practically brought up on those cobbles (metaphorically, not literally, I’m from Surrey, not Salford). My parents would watch religiously and I followed suit.

Just popping in for a quarter of sherbet pips…

Bet Lynch is responsible for my love of leopard, I’ve always hankered after a ‘muriel’ featuring flying ducks and I am the proud owner of a Deirdre Barlow-esque chain belt. I hasten to add, I have never actually worn it as we all know that a chain belt on a black tube dress only accentuates the lack of a waist. I just wish someone had told poor Deirdre that when she was still with us.

When I found out one of my favourite small brands, Joanie, had done a Corrie range, I could barely contain my excitement. My top picks are the Roys Rolls T Shirt and the Newton and Ridley sweatshirt. Perfect to pair with jeans, and the quality is up to Joanies usual very high standard.

If you are a fellow Corrie fan, you can shop the full  Joanie x Coronation Street collection here:

just waiting for Roy to finish his shift…

I thought I’d add a few more of my top picks from Joanie, just in case you are more an ‘Enders girl…

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