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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

It Is Time To Get Chunky

Last week was warm coats, this week I’m sticking with the cosy theme and getting into chunky knits. I love a chunky knit. I deliberately buy my winter coats oversized so there is enough room for a some good thick knitwear underneath, you really can’t be doing with not being able to bend your arms when the weather turns. There’s something so seasonal about getting your thick jumpers out again. I hope you stored yours in some kind of airtight container away from moths. That is a constant battle in our rickety old house. Moths in the cupboards and slugs under the floors. The slugs come out at night and eat the cat food. They are gross, but no amount of salt, crushed egg shells or outright poison seems to deter them. Sometimes my husband will come downstairs in the middle of the night and put them down the sink grinder. Is that wrong? grinding up slugs?  Any and all anti slug tips will be greatly appreciated please.

Sorry, you don’t need to hear about my infestation issues, let’s get back to the clothes. So assuming all your chunky knitwear HAS actually been eaten by moths, then you will be in the market for some new items. That’s where I can help you. So get the cocoa out, sit by the fireside and I shall begin…


This is my preferred style of thick knit. It means you can forgo a scarf AND hide most of your chins and your crepey Deirdre Barlow décolletage underneath the folds of roll neck (When I say you, I mean me obvs). & Other Stories has always done a good range of these jumpers, but there’s also Me + Em and Whistles who both do great quality knitwear. Why not team your heavy knit jumper with a nice floaty skirt? Can work for day into evening if you so brave as to slip a camisole top or such like underneath…

Chunky knit polo neck jumper

1. & Other Stories Chunky Roll Neck Sweater
2. Bruce by Bruce Oldfield Embellished Skirt
3. A.P.C. Luna Patent Leather Bag
4. Warehouse Oversized Biker Jacket
5. River Island Black Studded Chelsea Boots 


I bought this La Redoute jumper  (below) last year, but I bought it quite late on in the winter so didn’t get to wear it enough. Luckily it’s made from 90% man-made fibres so the moths won’t have be interested! I’ll be sure not too stand too close to a naked flame when I wearing it though… If you fancy this one, go at least one size up. I’ve teamed it here with my new favourite style of jeans, the ‘mom’ high-waisters. They work just great with shorter jumpers. Also, just another excuse to indulge my Gucci obsession, check out this bag I haven’t seen before! and the Red Loafers I’m currently saving for…

Chunky Cable knit sweater , Gucci bag, Gucci red loafers

1. La Redoute Chunky Cable Knit Jumper
2. Mango oversized wool coat
3. Topshop ‘Mom’ Jeans
4. Gucci GG Supreme Messenger Bag
5. Gucci Red Brixton Loafers


Obviously my favourite jumper of them all is the most expensive. Isn’t that always the way? I can guarantee when I see a spread in a magazine that the one thing I will crave the most will be the one that’s out of my price range. But, just look at this Joseph sweater. It’s the same as Charlie Browns! How cool is that? I want it!

Chunky knit sweater, Charlie Brown

1. Joseph Wool Turtle Neck Jumper
2. Compania Fastatica Taxi T‑Shirt
3. & Other Stories Braided Cross Body Bag
4. Whistles High-Waisted Barrel Leg Jeans
5. & Other Stories Chunky Leather Chelsea Boots 


chunky knit cardigan

This week I bought the ‘insta-famous’ Marks and Spencer ‘Constellation’ dress. I nearly bought it first time it was in stock but the flappy sleeves put me off. I don’t do well with flounce. This time I decided to try and see if I could alter them myself. Turns out it was very easy indeed. I just unpicked the stitching and it came right off in once piece! sleeve then easily hemmed and I have a lovely dress that I really will wear. It also feels WAY more expensive than £45. I’ll wear it when it gets colder with a nice chunky cardi over the top. That will really top off the granny look!

Chunky Knit Cardigan, Marks and Spencer Constellation Dress

1. New Look Cable Knit Cardigan
2. Marks and Spencer Constellation Dress
3. New Look Faux Fur Collar Coat
4. Stradivarius Studded Buckle Boots 

You could always knit your own winter jumper. I did try that once but my finishing left a lot to be desired and I tend to knit very big, so it was more like a dress. This year I’ve done the decent thing and bought the pattern and the wool (I love a spin around the John Lewis Haberdashery Department) and asked my mother to do it. She’s head of the local WI don’t you know, and a dab hand with the knitting needles…

K x

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