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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Sunday Essentials — Puffers and Parkas

Now, I know not all of you will be spending most of your Sunday standing by the side of some kind of pitch, Football / Rugby /Hockey / some other kind of sport that requires being outside with a ball in all weathers, but I’d hazard a guess that there are a lot of you. If you are not doing this, you may have a dog that needs walking, small children that need to run around outside or even just need some fresh air at some point during the day.

For these days, which are let’s face it, usually Sundays, you will need what I term ‘A Football Coat’, this doesn’t mean John Motson’s Sheepskin number or Arsene Wenger’s ridiculously large padded jacket*, this just means a coat or jacket that is both warm and stylish. Ideally it should also be a bit rain resistant, but it’s main aim is to keep the chill off your kidneys when you have to stand around outside for 45 minutes each way. I think your best bets are Parkas and Puffers. Obviously I have both as that’s how I roll. Comfort is key, coats should be slightly oversized as you’ll need to layer up when it gets oven colder, so they need to be big enough to go over a chunky knit, you don’t want to get all restricted when you’re trying to sip your flask of coffee on the sidelines.

This is definitely casual weekend wear, cosy dressing, nothing too fancy. Joggers Here’s what I’ve put together for you…


This is the Carhartt Parka that I have. I’ve had it for 4 years and it comes out every year and has not failed me yet! It’s unisex, I have a size medium which is slightly oversized for me (size 12) but not too big. It has loads of pockets which is also good as you don’t always want to carry a bag when you go to a match. Most importantly, it is WARM and waterproof! I also have these Seven Boot Lane boots which are furry lined all the way through, they are also 15% off this weekend with the code WINTERWEARS.  I’ll still add my trusty thermal socks when it gets really cold though, for super extra toasty toes.

Classic Carharrt Parka coat

1. Carharrt Anchorage Parka Coat
2. Me + Em Stripe Slouchy Box Jumper
3. Seven Boot Lane ‘Kylie’ Boots
4. & Other Stories Tapered Leg Jeans


If you want something a bit more exciting, then why not go for a coloured parka? I l love this red checked one, it would be perfect with an all back outfit. Don’t forget to look after your extremities too. Invest in a cashmere hat. You won’t regret it, I love cashmere, scarves, hats, gloves, jumpers, the lot. Maybe put it on your Christmas list if it seems to decadent to buy for yourself. Sensible boots again too, these ones are waterproof to help protect your from the elements.

lumberjack check parka coat

1. Cashmere Bobble Beanie
2. Top Shop Braided Cable Jumper
3. River Island Red Lumberjack Check Parka
4. Levis 712 Mid Rise Slim Leg Jeans
5. Toms Waterproof Summit Boots 


I get ridiculed for wearing my puffer jacket by my children. Apparently it’s what ‘Roadmen’* wear. For those of you not familiar with this term, it doesn’t mean men that work on the road, no, it means teenage boys that typically wear black puffer jackets, black tracksuits, Nike trainers and ‘side bags’. They also listen to garage/grime music and roam the streets of West London, usually riding their bicycles without using the handlebars, unless there’s two of them on the bike then one will actually be riding on the handlebars. I’m quite happy to dress like Roadman on Sundays, so here’s my variations on the theme. In Black…

Sunday Roadman style puffer jacket

1. The Outnet Zoe Karssen Sweatshirt
2. Topshop Black Puffer Jacket
3. M&S Velour Joggers
4. Nike Air Max 90 Trainers

And just because I’m a big fan of Navy, here’s another Roadman alternative. I am SO buying some velour trackies this winter, I don’t care what you say!  I already have this great Puffer from the JW Anderson collection at Uniqlo. It’s a really good one!…
Sunday JW anderson Uniqlo puffer jacket

1. Kenzo Tiger Embroidered Sweatshirt
2. Uniqlo JW Anderson Puffer Jacket
3. Whistles Velour Joggers
4. Office Nike Air Force 1


If you want something a bit more in the ‘Apres Ski’ style. (I never remember does Apres Ski mean before or after skiing?) Why not go with a bright coloured puffer jacket? I’m digging this Whistles one, and I’m also very very tempted with some new Knitwear from Me + Em. This Guernsey Knit is top of my list. Do I need another navy polo neck? No, but this one has buttons on it, plus I have a small connection with Guernsey as that’s where my Mother-in-Law originates from. It’s very small, but very pretty. Unlike me…

whistles red puffer jacket

1. Whistles Colour Block Puffer Jacket
2. Me + Em Navy Guernsey Jumper
3. Me + EM Navy Two Stripe Joggers
4. ASOS Leather and Suede Backpack
5. Dune Equel Gold Star Trainers 

*If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say Football Manager or John Motson, here you go. No and No thanks.

Me and My trusty Football Jacket. Not actually at the football here, but you get my drift..

K x

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