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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Venus in Faux Furs

To say I’m a little bit obsessed with coats would be a slight understatement. We’ve already covered many variations recently, but I felt I needed to investigate the faux fur selection a little further as there are so many out there at the moment. I think there really is something for everyone. Only the other day I got in to a conversation with 2 pensioners in M&S about the softness and quality of their faux fur coats. We were all impressed and we were all lovingly stroking the same coat. (This one, was the one we were all fondling). I’ve broken down my faux furs into five categories this week, yes 5, and I bet I could do more…


I’ve mentioned this before a few times, leopard is not just for busty barmaids in Weatherfield. I feel everyone should have some in their lives and if you are going to take the plunge, then why not go all-in and get a faux fur leopard print coat? I’ve had mine for about 8 years and I get it out every winter. It’s perfect for the party season with your MBD (Midi Black Dress, I don’t go for anything that could be described as ‘little’ these days), but do not discount it for daywear either. I promise you it will cheer you up no end. Team it with a simple black outfit underneath if you feel a little overwhelmed…

1. Pull & Bear Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat
2. Bella Freud 1970 Polo neck jumper
3. & Other Stories Cotton Blend Chinos
4. Lily King Bon Maison Socks
5. Dune Burgundy Leather Brogues 


I guess it’s not officially a faux fur, but it’s still massively high in the cosy stakes, so we shall add. A good teddy coat will see you through the cold snap. Keeping it casual again with a soft knit from Feather and Stitch, jeans and my new obsession, Dr Martens boots. I definitely do not need new boots, but I just love these, my friend Phoebe has them and they look so cute. Dr Martens have really  moved on since I got my first pair back in the late 80’s. I remember the ‘breaking-in’ period was a long and hard slog that involved at least 2 packs of Elastoplast to get you through. Now, though that all seems to have changed, my eldest son has DM school shoes and not a blister was in sight. That’s progress for you.

1. Village England Belthorn Leather Bag
2. Feather & Stitch Rabens Saloner Grey Cosy Roll Neck
3. Warehouse Oversized Teddy Coat
4. Dr Martens Kensington Boots
5. TopShop Hayden Jeans 


The classic and some might say, still the best. A perfect winter evening coat to throw on over your silk shirts and fancy jumpsuits. I feel like Carine Roitfield would rock this look. Leather pencil skirt, Silk Shirt, Heeled Mary Janes, Fancy Bag. Perfect for a night out. Just because we are getting into ‘party season’ it doesn’t mean you need to cover yourselves head to toe in sparkles. Maybe leave that until December. Every year, I say to myself  ‘I must not not impulse buy sparkly knitwear just because it’s Christmas;. Every year I don’t listen to myself and only wear said sweater once. I will never learn.

1. Warehouse Brown Faux Fur Coat
2. Anine Bing Ellery Shirt
3. Whistles Kel Leather Pencil Skirt
4. Saint Laurent ‘Blogger’ Shoulder Bag
5. Dune Mary Jane Court Shoes 


This one was just an excuse to show you this beauty of a coat from Topshop! below. Please can someone buy it, look at the colour! I love it, but I really can’t justify yet another coat. Maybe I shall add it to my Christmas List. I will share my Christmas list with you soon and also some gift ideas for everyone else. Come to think of it this Mango T‑shirt is also on my list, so are the GUCCI PERSONALISED TRAINERS!! (be still my beating heart) as is a navy version of my Viv cardie. I am so annoyed with myself that I washed the black one last week on the wrong wash and now it’s much snugger than I would like. When will I ever learn part 2?

1. Mango Sex and The City T‑Shirt
2. Vivienne Westwood Classic Navy Cardigan
3. Topshop Longline Teddy Faux Fur Coat
4. The Outnet Current Elliot Boyfriend Jeans
5. My Theresa x Gucci Personalised Trainers 


Just throwing another one in here, as I love this jacket from Reiss. Would be perfect over your party dress. My party dress would always have sleeves, ideally long ones. This little Hill and Friends bag is also on my Christmas list, it’s teeny, but would fit all my evening essentials, phone, card, lippy, shine blotting sheets, keys and emergency packet of Smarties…

1. Reiss Black Faux Fur Coat
2. Warehouse Gold Glitter Midi Dress
3. KC Designs Gold and Diamond Letter Pendant
4. Hill & Friends Tweency Chain Bag
5. & Other Stories 2 Strap Sandals

If you want your Faux Fur made to measure and totally unique, then you should definitely check out Miranda Dunn London. She makes them to order AND you can add your initials on the back! You KNOW how much I love a bit of personalisation! Modelled here by the gorgeous Chloe Loves to Shop

If you can’t find a faux fur you like out of this lot, then I despair!

K x

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