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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

black coat black jeans black jumper givenchy boots

Back In Black

The heating is officially on. The summer duvet is back under the bed. The conversation about how  ‘we really should get double glazing fitted’ has started again for the 12th year in a row and I’m back in my unofficial winter uniform of black, black and more black.

black champagne sweat shirt givenchy boots
my work friends gave me this sweatshirt, I clearly have a reputation. My new Givenchy boots, bought at a surprise 45% discount!*

I’ve dug out the 80 denier tights. The very best ones are from either Falke or Wolford, there is a reason whey they are more expensive than M&S, they don’t ladder and they last for years rather than weeks, believe me, I know my tights. I’ve opened up the cashmere jumpers hoping to have beaten the moths at their own game. (I use these and these from good old Lakeland to help). I’m even contemplating a dry clean of the old winter coats, which is very unlike me as usually I just pick off the crud, or give it quick rub down with a wet wipe and hope for the best. I love the start of the colder weather and I love to wear head to toe black, something that doesn’t need to be kept just for mourning. It’s easy, if you are a lazy-arse like me, to get dressed all in the same colour and you look thinner. It’s a total win win situation.

Let’s start where we left off on the last post. How about another jumpsuit? A black one obvs. I have this one from Mango, it’s great, you can dress up or down so easily. Here’s how I’d like to fancy it up for a night out (I never go out, so this is wishful wardrobing…).

back-in-black-21. Black jumpsuit — Mango £49.99
2. Faux fur jacket — &OtherStories £125.00
3. Watch from Gucci (on my Christmas list!) £580.00
4. Marmot handbag from Gucci £640.00
5.Embroidered boots — River Island £45.00

Now for a mini skirt. Something I don’t wear in the summer, but is perfectly acceptable when legs are encased in those 100 deniers. This coat from & Other Stories is currently in my virtual basket, and everyone needs a cashmere polo neck and a pair of heavy duty boots in their life…

black polo neck black coat black boots black button mini skirt1.Cashmere Polo Neck — M&S £79.00
2. Wool Coat — &OtherStories £165.00
3. Leather Boots — &OtherStories £125.00
4. A‑Line Skirt — M&S £19.50
5. Carvela Boots — John Lewis £165.00

You know how much I love trainers. Great in the summer with a secret sock, just as good in the winter with a jazzy sock. I want some classic old school Vans trainers. Now that my eldest son has taken up skateboarding and my husband has regressed into all his old skate clothes, I feel like I should be too…

mother sweatshirt Vans skate shoes anya hind march sticker bag glittery socks

1. Selfish Mother Sweatshirt £45.00
2. Whistles leather jacket  £350.00
3. Black Jeans — &Other Stories £35.00
4. Vans Old Skool shoes £49.99
5. Glitter socks — &OtherStories £7.00
6. Anya Hindmarch sticker bag  £795.00

Finally a couple of dresses from & Other Stories (can you tell how much I love that shop?) and another coat I’m thinking about, it’s between this M&S military style one and that & Other Stories one, but it will have to wait a while as I have spent far far too much money this month already (hello Givenchy boots! even at 45% off you were still very expensive!) and we’re not even halfway through it…

long black dress black ruffle dress ankle boots military coat

1. Long Embroidered dress — &OtherStories £125.00
2. Military Coat — M&S £125.00
3. Wool ruffle jumper dress  — &OtherStories £79.00
4. Leather ankle boot — M&S £85.00 

Have you bought your winter coats and boots yet? Let me know what you are going for!

k x

*I got the Givenchy Boots from Secret Sales. I had a tip off that they were on there at a discount. I signed up and got a surprise extra 25% off! It would have been rude not to buy. We may not be able to eat for the rest of the month, but sometimes sacrifices have to made for the sake of shoes.

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