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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Fools Gold (plated)

I had a dream last night that our house got burgled. It was so traumatic I woke up in a sweaty panic thinking the robbers had run off with all my Stella McCartney denim. I didn’t give a moments thought to all of my expensive jewellery. Because I don’t own any. No doubt if I did I would only lose it. My husband has lost 3 wedding rings so far, he ‘claims’ they fall off when he rides his bicycle and has now resorted to wearing a rubber washer off of the kitchen tap in place of ring…

In my youth, I was a suburban Goth, and a part-time punk. This basically meant I wore a lot of black, leather, purple tie-dye leggings with holes in and a plethora of weird net skirts. I once got my friend Stephanie to shave the underside of my hair with her Mums Bic razor and we did quite a lot of home ear piercing in her bedroom. (While simultaneously listening to The Sisters Of Mercy and painting the Cult logo on the back of our denim jackets) Time moves on, music tastes change, earring holes close up and, thank god, hair grows back, but I still have a real fondness for skulls and safety pins and luckily there’s quite few reasonably priced pieces out there right now, I’m not talking Accessorize cheap tat, but not solid gold prices either. Here’s a small selection of things I found on the interweb…

The great safety pin bracelets I am wearing in the top photo are from a cool little website called They also do some cute personalised necklaces (and bags, but I’ll save my bag recommendations for a future post!)bracelets
I do love anything personalised, undoubtedly this stems from Carrie’s name necklace in Sex and The City, we all wanted one of those didn’t we? I never stopped wanting one, I already had a silver version, but I just bought another one – this time in rose gold. I have a special code for you to get 20% off Anna Lou Of London try it here



That’s all for today. Remember all that glitters may not be gold, in my house it’s highly likely to be gold plated with a hint of cubic zirconia.

k x

P.S. Do you think you actually insure your Stella McCartney Jeans?

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