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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


This weekend is probably the best time to find your festive dresses, thanks to the crazy amount of money off deals flying around. Check out my Black Friday codes blog from the other day for all the discount details.

Not going to lie, this week has been hectic to say the least, so apologies if there is less witty repartee in this post than usual. For those of you who don’t know me. my real job is doing promotions for Warner Records. This week saw the release of the new Coldplay album. Whenever a big album is released and the band are around to help promote it, that means early mornings and late nights. As this band also decided to launch the album in Amman in Jordan at sunrise, add that travel situation to the equation and everyone has been surviving on very little sleep!

But back to Fashion…There is so many great festive dresses to choose from, it’s been hard to narrow it down, but as it’s now December (how TF has that come around so quickly?) Christmas season and we can legitimately get out the sparkles, I’ve sectioned this out into 5 dress categories, we’ve got Stars, Velvet, Sparkles, Animal Print and your classic Little Black dresses.


Anyone else got a ‘thing’ for stars? or is it just me? I have a terrible habit of buying a lot of the same thing. I have star print dresses, jeans, shirts, shoes and jumpers. I also have WAY too many navy jumpers that are all *slightly* different, and definitely one too many Anine Bing sweatshirts. But when I like something, I REALLY like it. Have a similar problem with food. I’ll eat something so many times in a short space of time and then not want to eat it again for ages. Last week it was Hummus, the week before it was baked potatoes. I never get sick of Wispas though. Gods own chocolate. Has to be eaten from the fridge. Don’t be coming at me with room temperature chocolate.

1. Stine Goya Star Print William Dress 
2. & Other Stories Beaded Velvet Bag 
3. Kitri Iris Star Print Midi Dress
4. & Other Stories Glitter Bow Pumps 


Velvet is very much a Marmite fabric for me most of the year. Although that analogy doesn’t work really as I love Marmite. I have it every day for breakfast. In case you are interested in my eating habits (again), at the moment I go for 2 boiled eggs with Marmite soldiers. If you’ve not tried that before I can highly recommend, and it keeps your hunger locked up until lunch. But, velvet at this time of year is an absolute winner. It scream Christmas and cosy firesides. Plus it will keep you warm, which is always a bonus. Red Velvet is the ultimate Festive Frock material, but I can also recommend this yellow gold one from Toast too.

1. Batsheva Crushed Velvet Tiered Dress 
2. Gucci Matelasse Mini Bag 
3. John Lewis Ghost Velvet Silk Dress 
4. Boden Nella Jewelled Flats 


We’ve touched on my thoughts on sequins on the Party Skirt blog. I’m on the fence still, but I know how much a lot of you love them. Let’s face it, it you want to make an entrance then dressing as a human disco ball is one way to get attention at the office party. I’m really not a big fan of the office party these days. When I first started I loved them, but in recent years they’ve lost their appeal somewhat. Perhaps it’s because I’m a good 20 years older than most people in my office. None of them are interested in talking about what I eat for breakfast or how long I have left on my mortgage…

1. Rixo Emmy Sequin Stripe Dress
2. LK Bennett Sequin Knot Clutch Bag 
3. Next Silver Sequin Midi Tea Dress 
4. Malone Souliers Satin Heeled Mules 


The old favourite. Something you can drag out year after year when you have run out of ideas. Everyone needs that one failsafe LBD. or MBD (Midi Black Dress) if you don’t fancy getting your legs out these days. I don’t actually mind my legs, but I tend to keep them covered most of the time. I think it’s more the fear of the over-exposing bend-down, rather than the actual leg show. I’ve seen that happen to others on more than one occasion. In fact only the other day I saw a lady outside Robert Dyas doing a bag-pack bend-over, and could quite clearly see she was wearing Spanx OVER her tights. As well as her modesty, I also was concerned for her next toilet break.

1. Second Female Lyro Smock Dress
2. Warehouse Foil Spot Mini Dress
3. Givenchy Studded Buckle Ankle Boots
4. Chloe Susanna Velvet Embellished Boots 


I have to say this is my default go-to party dress option. If in doubt, get the leopard print out. I have a red leopard Ganni dress I bought last year that has seen 2 parties, 2 awards ceremonies and one wedding so far, and it’s still going strong. I think I’ll try wearing it with trainers and a denim jacket next summer as I’ve pretty much rinsed it as a party dress. Pair your animal print with a simple pair of boots and don’t over accessorize. Big prints don’t need any more embellishments.

1. Ganni Leopard Georgette Midi Dress 
2. H&M Snake Print Shirt Dress 
3. & Other Stories Croc Embossed Leather Boots 
4. Stuart Weitzman Pearl Embellished Boots 

I was thinking of doing some Christmas gift guides, but then I realised I couldn’t be arsed, so next week I think it will be “What to Wear With Your Grenson Boots” (or cheaper alternative obvs)

K x

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