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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Cardigan again and again

Cardigans! I know I’ve written about them many times in the past, but they are an absolute must for all seasons. Especially for those ladies of a certain age who need to regulate their temperature a lot. Easier to unbutton a good cardi that keep taking a jumper on and off. In my opinion the best place on high street for Cardigans is & Other Stories, they always seem to do the best selection, but in the interests of not being biased, I have included some from other shops that are also good.

I’m going to keep the preamble short this week as I’ve realised I’ve written way too much under each section already. This post has been more stream of consciousness than usual, and that’s saying something. Button up your Cardi and settle in…


I have this pink Cardi and it’s a fluffy dream, without being an itchy nightmare. I don’t tend to do well with fluffy wool as a rule. Don’t come at me with your Mohair or I’ll be sneezing all over you in seconds and in these times, that’s even less of a good look that it was last year. I also have these Adidas Ozweego trainers, although I have pretty much wrecked mine trekking for miles across the Devon bridleways last week. The soil there was red, so now my most comfortable trainers are less white and fresh and more of an unappealing shade of dirty pale orange. Might try putting them in the washing machine this week, but we all know that never really works.

Talking of white and fresh, don’t be afraid of pairing white jeans and white T‑Shirt. It works perfectly with a UK tan (or it might be windburn, but I won’t judge). to avoid looking like a member of a cult, go for logo T shirt and colourful cardi.

1. Ganni Smiley T Shirt 
2. Cos Cotton Mix Bucket Hat 
3. & Other Stories Alpaca Blend Cardigan 
4. Whistles White Barrel Leg Jeans 
5. Adidas Ozweego Trainers 


This cardigan is about as longline as it’s going to get. Sorry to any longline cardi fans out there, but they are just not for me. I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but they are in the same bracket as a waterfall style. Not good. They scream Per Una before it had the revamp. I once stood next to Rula Lenska in Hammersmith Primark while she tried on a longline waterfall cardi. I wanted to have a quiet word with her, but then who am I to judge the sartorial choices of an 80’s TV icon? Plus she was Ken Barlows fancy-piece, so I knew she had some standards.

1. Gap Ruffle Sleeveless Top 
2. Rails Oslo Star Cardigan 
3. Mango High Waist Shorts 
4. Longchamp Pliage Shoulder Bag 
5. Teva Midform Rainbow Pride Sandals 
6. Vans Checkerboard Slip Ons 


Oh Ganni, you’ve done it again with this Sundress. I love how that brand knows what the do well with dress-wise and just updates the prints each season, but keeps a lot of the same shapes and designs. I find their dresses to be super flattering. If it wasn’t for my crappy shoulder tattoos, I’d be snapping this one up too. Honestly, I will get around to getting them removed/replaced soon. I need to just get on with it.

Also, Scrunchies? How do we feel? They are making a comeback. I’m kind of OK with this. Mark my words, I think we’ll all be wearing them come Christmas. At least it’s a cheap trend if nothing else, maybe you can even match your scrunchie to your face mask? Step too far?

1. Ganni Checked Sundress 
2. ASOS Gingham Scrunchies 
3. Monki Super Soft Yellow Cardigan 
4. Clarks Cross Strap Leather Sandals 
5. Arket Frill Detail Gingham Tote Bag 


Every week I have a favourite blog outfit. This is mine for this week. I love a short sleeved cardigan. Don’t try wearing a T Shirt underneath, Just wear it as a top over a bralet or a vest. I also love the purple and green colours together. That could be a throwback to my teen years. Purple was very me in 1988. Mostly I blame Prince and Kensington Market.

I remember tie dying a pair of purple leggings at that time, but must have left the bleach on for too long, as the first time I wore them they literally disintegrated half way through the day. It was a long walk back from Camberley precinct with the holes getting bigger with every step. Maybe that’s when a longline cardi might have come in handy after all.

1. & Other Stories Alpaca Blend Cable Knit Cardigan 
2. Lazy Oaf Cross Body Bag 
3. ASOS Puff Short Sleeve Cardigan 
4. Mango Culotte High Rise Jeans 
5. Nike Air Max 270 Trainers 


I wore my white dungarees this week. Someone commented I looked like Jacko from Brush Strokes, it reminded me I had a story about that…Back in the early 90’s I was in Amsterdam for the MTV Awards. As me and my friend Sam were all dressed up to leave the hotel we got chatting to two nice gentlemen. Turns out it was Ray Winstone and Karl Howman (Of Jacko of off Brushstrokes fame). We told them where we were going and they said they also had a big night planned savouring the delights that Amsterdam had to offer, they told the lady on reception not to expect them back until the small hours. We wished them well and went on our way.

The next morning, we got up early and went to have breakfast and a walk around city. Who did bump into again in the local cafe? Our old friends Ray and Karl of course. They told us how they had gone to a ‘Coffee Shop’ and asked for a nice strong jazz cigarette to set them up for their long exciting night ahead. They then spent an hour laughing at the display in a cheese shop and were in bed by 9pm like Morecambe and Wise.  What’s the moral of this story? There’s isn’t one really, but know this, Hardmen can be lightweights too. Especially ones that wear white dungarees .

1. H&M White Denim Dungarees
2. Whistles Navy Button Front Cardigan 
3. Mango Double Strap Basket Bag 
4. H&M Striped Jersey Top 
5. Whistles Kendra Croc Leather Sandals 


A wise woman once said ‘Buttons maketh the cardigans’. That’s not true, but I do love a good button on my cardigans. I have one with Glittery rainbows (Olivia Rubin), one with Dinosaurs (& Other Stories) and I’ve always hankered after one with Kiss buttons, the band not the lips. I’m quite surprised Gene Simmons hasn’t marketed Kiss cardigans. They’ve done every other kind of merch known to man. Even coffins. I’ve met Gene Simmons twice as it happens. The second time I met him, I told him we’d met before. His reply; “Did we sleep together”. No! God no!

1. & Other Stories Heart Button Cardigan 
2. Boden Rainbow Button Cardigan 
3. New Look Denim Button Up Dress 
4. Whistles Bibi Cross Body Bag 
5. Isabel Marant Hi Top Trainers 

Sorry, this blog has been more trips down memory lane about random celebs than writing about fashion. It’s just that clothes will always spark a memory and as much as I love them, there’s only so much you can say about cardigans.

K x

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