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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

By The Light of the Silvery Shoes

This week I bought some Silver Brogues. A justified purchase I feel as I don’t have any silver shoes, or any traditional lace-up brogues. A gaping hole in my shoe artilery right there I’m sure you’ll agree. I do have a lot of shoes with silver studs on them mind you, but that’s totally different right? Plus, as I mentioned in the last post, it’s very very hard to not self-gift at this time of year. I think, as it is nearly Christmas, everyone should join me in a pair of silver shoes. or boots. They can add a touch of festiveness to a regular everyday outfit or be the icing on a cake to a fancy party get-up.

I’ve come up with 4 different styles of Silver footwear and how I would wear them. Let’s start with those brogues I just bought…


1. Mango Check Wool Blend Coat
2. Boden Wool Jumper
3. KG Silver lace-up Brogues
4. J Brand Boyfriend Jeans — The Outnet 

Now, some silver boots, there are so many of these on the high street right now at all price points. Top Shop alone has about 5 only very slightly differing styles. Boots need to be seen, so go for a cropped trouser…


1. & Other Stories Tuxedo Jacket
2. & Other Stories Sequin High Neck Jumper
3. Mango Crop Flare Jeans
4. River Island Chelsea Boots — on sale!

Loafers, you know how much I love a loafer, why not go spangly this time. I also should have put that Hill and Friends bag on my Christmas List

silver-shoes-21. Mango Wool Blend Blazer
2. Mango Wool Blend Trousers
3. Hill and Friends Happy Bag
4. Top Shop Metallic Ruffle Blouse
5. Christopher Kane Silver Scallop Loafers

Finally some heels, I’m not good in heels as I’ve said before, but every so often I can just about deal with these as they are a sensible block heel with some good strapping, and how much does that River Island T‑Shirt look like Gucci? bonus!

silver-shoes-31. Mango Faux Fur Jacket
2. River Island Print T- Shirt
3. Zara Pleated Midi Skirt
4. Miss Selfridge Strappy Heels

My ultimate silver shoe is still the Stella Elyse. If anyone sees it for half price or idealy less! please drop me a line. I don’t know where or when I would ever wear them but that doesn’t stop the inexplicable longing I have for a huge wooden heeled silver platform shoe…


K x

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