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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Autumn Jacket Required

This week, it’s Autumn Jackets. Apologies that literally every post I’ve done about Jackets has been titled *insert word here* jacket required. People said I’d never get over my Phil Collins obsession, but take a look at me now…

This week, as promised, we are looking at Autumn jackets that fill the gap between a light khaki/denim number and full on coat weather. I’ll save coats for another day, this is all about those jackets that will take you through until you have to break out a more substantial number. I know it’s warm today, but it won’t be long before you need one.

I’ve got to say, and I’m pretty sure I have on more than one occasion, that Autumn is my favourite time of year for fashion. It’s all about the slight chill, the layering up, but still being able to rock a bare ankle. The first airing for a boot, the dusting off of the corduroy, and the need for the perfect in between jacket. I’ve rounded up my 5 favourite styles right now. Of course Harry will always be my all time favourite Styles…


Can we talk about Per Una? I have openly ridiculed this M&S brand in the past. But, to be fair, with good reason. It did have penchant for one too many ruffle on a handkerchief hem maxi skirt. There were overly embellished waterfall cardigans that were unnecessary. But, this is all in the past, it’s upped its game massively. Case in point, this cute oversized check jacket. Perfect with jeans and hiking boots.

Autumn Jacket Short

1. Per Una Oversized Check Jacket 
2. M&S Smart Saddle Cross Body Bag 
3. River Island Mid Blue Straight Leg Jeans 
4. Boden Ivory Claire Jumper 
5. Shoe The Bear Brown Suede Agda Boots 


I bought this blazer last month from & Other Stories. I basically bought it as an add on item when I got this cardigan so I could get the free shipping, fully intending to send it back (come on, don’t tell me you’ve never done this). But I loved it so much I had to keep it. It’s the perfect oversized blazer. Now I’m on the hunt for a cool or vintage brooch to add to it. Might have to fashion my own Chanel one out of a bit of cardboard and tin foil.

Autumn Jacket Oversized Blazer

1. & Other Stories Oversized Blazer 
2. Kin Leather Half Moon Cross Body Bag 
3. Jigsaw Wild Flower Gathered Dress 
4. Gucci Gold Resin and Crystal Brooch 
5. Dr Martens Kensington Flora Chelsea Boots 


I’ll admit two things, 1. I love corduroy, but, 2. A corduroy jacket can sometimes be a tricky one to pull off. They can be quite thick and unforgiving. Not unlike myself, some might say. M&S have got a good one and it comes in 4 different colours. Of course you don’t have to do the double cord, but I can vouch for these River Island Cord jeans,. They are nice and high waisted and have a great shape. Also come in black as do the Grenson Nanette boots (obvs).

Autumn Jacket Corduroy

1. M&S Pure Cotton Corduroy Jacket
2. APC Leather Snake Print Demi Lune Bag 
3. River Island Pink Corduroy Mom Jeans 
4. Top Shop La Vie En Rose T Shirt 
5. Grenson Beige Suede Nanette Boots 


Tweed is the patron saint of Autumn jackets. If you fancy a more Country Casual vibe then this the one is for you. I remember my Grandpa always wore Tweed jackets with the patches on the elbows. He also smoked a pipe. You don’t have to do that. But if you do, send your old tobacco boxes my way as I loved that smell. Whenever we went over to their house I would secretly sniff his pipe box (definitely NOT a euphemism!) I also used to steal the chocolate eclairs from the sweet jar, but lets keep that to ourselves.

Autumn Jacket Tweed Blazer

1. & Other Stories Compass Necklace 
2. Toast Wool Moroccan Stripe Midi Dress 
3. Arket Tweed Blazer 
4. River Island Black Suede Lace Up Boots 
5. Boden Ampton Leather Ankle Boots 


Finally, a new  one on me for this year. The overshirt jacket. This one is a definite trend for the new season. I’ve seen them all over the place, from Acne to River Island. A good easy casual throw on over jeans and trainers.Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, over a pair of leather trousers. I’m looking forward to busting out the leather trews again. I bought my first pair in the sale earlier this year and I’m a total convert. Wipe clean clothes! The way forward.

Autumn Jacket Over shirt

1. Cos Relaxed Kimono Shape Sleeve T Shirt 
2. Gucci Ophidia GG Shoulder Bag 
3. River Island Khaki Button Overshirt 
4. M&S Leather Cropped Straight Trousers 
5. Adidas Supercourt RX Leather Trainers 

Sidebar, not related to Autumn jackets, a last minute addition to the trainer blog, I went to the John Lewis Style Studio this week, and found these trainers. They are a fantastic ‘homage’ to the Alexander McQueen pair I’ve had in a virtual basket for years. So comfy too.

K x

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