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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Trans Seasonal Trainers

That title ‘Trans Seasonal Trainers’ basically means nothing so don’t go getting all excited that I’ve found some amazing sneakers that go with everything from summer dresses to winter cords. Although to be honest I will happily wear trainers with pretty much anything all year round, so I guess in that respect all trainers are trans seasonal. Therefore maybe I HAVE found amazing sneakers that go with everything after all.

I have a deep love of trainers. As someone who very rarely wears heels, I find myself drooling over stupid Balenciaga dad sneakers in the same way Carrie obsessed over Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes. I’ll admit, I will totally jump on any new trend in the sports shoe arena. Ugly ones, Platform ones, Glittery Hi-Top Ones, Ones made to look old, Classic Whites ones, Throw-back to the 90s ones, you name it, I’ve got them.

I remember a seminal moment in my fashion life was being able to wear trainers with a suit to an event. I wore a purple velvet suit with White Adidas Superstars to the Brit Awards in 1997. It was the first time I ever went anywhere ‘dressy’ wearing flat shoes. It just wasn’t the done thing not to wear heels. I also remember that night I ended up in Casino playing roulette with 2 members of Aqua, you may remember them from such Hits as ‘Barbie Girl’ and… well, Barbie Girl…Don’t tell me I don’t know how to party.

But, back to today. Today EVERYONE wears trainers. There’s something out there to suit all tastes, I’m going to show you a selection of my favourites, so here we go.


Even those who don’t consider themselves ‘trainer girls’, should have a pair of these in their shoe cupboard. Does anyone actually have a shoe cupboard? We have the ‘Cupboard of Doom’, which is under the stairs and is a bloody disaster. I refuse to have any of my things in there. I keep my shoes in their boxes stacked up in my bedroom. Yes, It takes up a lot of space, but at least I know where they all are. Safe in their boxes waiting to be worn. Classic white sneaker styles are basically variations on the original, and best, Adidas Stan Smith. Look for clean, simple designs that will go with everything.

tran seasonal trainers white classic

1. Hush Kensington Red Floral Shirt Dress 
2. Jigsaw Clean Leather Biker Jacket
3. Adidas Super Court White Trainers
4. Adidas Stan Smith White Trainers 
5. Jigsaw Rayla Leather Platform Trainers 


Veja have cleaned up recently with their retro style trainers. Word to the wise though, they take quite a while to break in. Expect blisters for a week or so. Not something I’m keen on when it comes to trainers. They really should be comfy right away, but the Vejas do look good, and they are eco friendly,  so maybe it’s worth persevering. Alternatively, why not try the (cheaper and more comfortable) New Balance trainers or Adidas Continentals.

trans seasonal trainers retro style

1. Arket Striped Cotton Top 
2. Kin by John Lewis Navy Donkey Jacket 
3. Cos Tapered Leg Jeans 
4. Veja V10 Trainers 
5. New Balance U220 Trainers 
6. Adidas Continental Vulc Trainers 


I can’t help myself, I know sports footwear should really be made by actual sportswear brands, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, and in my case, that’s often stupid designer sneakers at over inflated prices. Yes, I have those Balenciagas. Have I worn them much? not really, but do I love their ridiculousness? Yes. Don’t even ask me why as I don’t even know. Sometimes I just want to be like the cool kids and wear my big trainers with my Anine Bing sweatshirts. If you are thinking of one of these sweatshirts, might be worth taking a size down. They come up pretty big.

tras seasonal trainers designer styles

1. Anine Bing Vintage Style Sweatshirt 
2. H&M Khaki Denim Utility Jacket 
3. H&M Straight High Ankle Jeans 
4. Balenciaga Triple S Leather and Suede Trainers 
5. Alexander McQueen Exaggerated Sole Trainers 
6. Chloe Sonnie Canvas and Leather Trainers 


When I say chunky trainer, I’m basically talking about Nike Air. If you’re going to get one pair, then you may as well get the originals. They are the most comfortable and work all year around. I add a nice sheepskin insole and a decent knee length sock under my trousers when the weather turns. They come is tons of new colours these days and if you’re feeling creative you can design your own on with Nike By You. You can waste hours fiddling around with fabrics and colours to get exactly what you want. If Nike Air aren’t your thing, then this Selected Femme pair from Anthropologie are a good alternative. My friend Steph bought them the other day and they look great!

trans seasonal chunky trainers

1. The Outnet Wildfox Printed T Shirt 
2. Olivia Rubin Tally Cardigan 
3. Top Shop Mid Stone Hayden Jeans 
4. Selected Femme X Anthropologie Gavina Trainers 
5. Nike + Gilbert Baker Air Max 90


Finally, something for the more adventurous amongst you. Fancy a spot of glitter? some rainbow stripes? leopard print? Then go for it! The dons of this style are Air & Grace and Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. Both great, also both not cheap, but both worth the money in my opinion. they both have that secret inner lift in the sole which makes your ankles look thin. I know that sounds vain, but the illusion of thin ankles is a great thing. At the more affordable end of the scale you’ve got your Converse and Vans that come in all different patterns and colours these days.

trans seasonal trainers embellished

1. Baum Und Pferdgarten Alexondra Dress 
2. Mango Cream Leather Biker Jacket 
3. Golden Goose Slide Glitter and Suede Trainers
4. Kurt Geiger Letty White and Leopard Trainers 
5. Converse Hi Top Rainbow Glitter Trainers

I hope there’s something here for everyone. Honorary mention must go to the classic Checkerboard Vans. I would have included, but they stand alone and didn’t really fit into my categories and are a wardrobe staple for me!

I haven’t decided next weeks theme just yet. Could be a little too early for boots, not all the winter styles have been released yet, but maybe we could look a some jumpers? or mid weather jackets?

K x

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