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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Sweater Weather

It’s definitely sweater weather in the Manor my friends. That is a reference to a Kano song. I am well aware that neither you, nor I are target market for original Grime material, but I worked with him this past week and he’s incredibly handsome. That has nothing whatsoever to do with this post, or his music. I’m digressing already and we haven’t even got through paragraph one. Watch Top Boy on Netflix and come back to me with your thoughts.

Sweaters! Jumpers! Knitwear! it’s that time of year when we unpack our woolies from whence they have been laying all summer. Praying to the god of clothes moths that they remain intact and have not been eaten by those little bastards. Touch wood, mine have survived. I keep them in the bathroom cupboard along with half a ton of those Lavender sachet things and hope for the best. Next summer I will use the vacuum suction bags. I bought some from Amazon for my summer dresses, and the satisfaction of that suck is akin to the feeling of sticking the first knife in the marmite jar or the smell of opening a bag of sealed coffee beans.

Digressed again, sorry. Basically what I’m saying is that I hope your knitwear survived the summer season ready for sweater weather.  If it didn’t, or you are just looking for some fresh threads, then look no further as I’ve picked out some great styles for you. Once again, the best Styles is Harry. He’s got a new song out now. I love the video. Of course. Song… I need a few more listens to really make up my mind. I bet Harry has an excellent selection of sweaters. Bet they’re all Gucci too.


You’ve got to love a chunky knit. I particularly love those crisp, sunny Autumn days when you can leave your jacket at home and just go for a chunky knit over your skirt or dress. I know we should all be wearing natural fibres, but sometimes a thick pure wool sweater is just too thick and warm. Occassionaly a touch of man-made fibres in the mix helps with the texture too. I love a chunky knit with a pleated skirt. This one from Arket is now in its 3rd season, so you know it’s a classic.

sweater weather chunky jumpers

1. Mango Chunky Knit Jumper 
2. Carloe London Edie Box Bag 
3. Arket Pleated Crepe Skirt 
4. & Other Stories Wool Blend Oversized Blazer 
5. See by Chloe Leather Trim Suede Boots 


Cashmere is the king of all knitwear yarns. Once you go Cashmere you will look down your nose at all the others. It’s like turning left onto to an aeroplane.  Once you’ve had that experience, it’s hard to go back to normal. Luckily, unlike business class tickets to Los Angeles, Cashmere doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Check out the H&M cashmere range, very decent quality for the price. Also, John Lewis & Partners range is really really good and (at the time of writing) they currently have 20% off ALL knitwear, including all cashmere jumpers and cardigans.

sweater weather cashmere

1. Chinti and Parker Cashmere Jumper
2. Next Red and Black Check Hobo Bag 
3. H&M Mom Vintage High Jeans 
4. Barbour x Alexa Chung Hazel Casual Jacket 
5. & Other Stories Black Leather Chelsea Boots 


Last winter I think it’s safe to say I got a little bit obsessed with finding the perfect fairisle jumper. I bought (and sent back) many of them before I found the right one. It ended up being a fairly cheap one from the mens department at M&S. Also no chance the moths got that one as I don’t think it’s ever seen a sheep in it’s life. Always worth checking out the men’s departments when looking for loose fitting knitwear. Saying that I also got a great one from Boden last year. They have a modern take on the Fairisle this year too. My favourite Fairisle this season is from Toast. I’d wear with Corduroy Trousers and Brogues.

sweater weather fairisle

1. Toast Nordic Navy Fairisle Jumper 
2. Love Scarlet Gold Plated Acorn Necklace 
3. JW Anderson Mini Logo Leather Bag 
4. Genevieve Sweeney Wool Marl Socks 
5. Clarks Whitcomb Echo Tan Brogues 
6. Top Shop Corduroy Tapered Trousers 


A high neck jumper can be tricky. On one hand it does help hide your double chins, but get the neck too tight and I fear it just emphasises them. I’m talking about myself here. I had to sell my Bella Freud 1970 black polo neck because of this very issue. Now I stick to either a lower turtleneck or a loose and thick roll neck. Clearly I’ve given this all too much thought. On the flipside, a high neck will always be your friend if you want to hide a crepey neck. I think that’s one of the worst things about ageing, the crepey neck. I know we all should have moisturised more than just our face, but who thought of that when they were 25?

sweater weather high neck jumpers

1. Whistles Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper 
2. & Other Stories Braided Leather Cross Body Bag
3. New Look Herringbone Oversized Coat 
4. New Look Bias Cut Satin Midi Skirt 
5. Dr Martens Burgundy Kensington Flora Boots 


Finally, a little bit of luxury to end the post. I know we could, and mostly do, just lob around in tracky bottoms and old sweatshirts, but how about elevating your loungewear by going for a matching set of knitwear. I have these Wyse London Merino joggers, I think I may just have to get the matching jumper for the winter. There is nothing I love more than coming home from work and getting straight into cosy knits and my beloved furry Birkenstocks. Once you’ve tried these as your slipper, you will never look back. I promise you. If you want to go one step further, get yourself some cashmere socks to wear with them. The absolute height of loungewear luxury.

sweater weather loungewear

1. Wyse London Merino Rainbow Stripe Slouchy Jumper 
2. Wyse London Merino Rainbow Stripe Joggers 
3. Birkenstock Sheepskin Lined Arizona Sandals 
4. M&S Cashmere Cropped Hoodie
5. M&S Cashmere Ankle Socks 

Oh, one thing I would recommend for your knitwear is a good sweater shaver. It is almost as satisfying as those vacuum bags. I got this one from Amazon and it’s de-bobbled many a sweater, making them almost as good as new.

K x

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