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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

John Lewis ANYDAY for all days

This post is sponsored by John Lewis. Long-term, or even medium-term, readers will know that I’ve long extolled the virtues of John Lewis. They are just a class act. A proper British department store (can we say ‘store’ and still be British?). I’ve always said that when I retire I’d like to work in the haberdashery department at John Lewis. Not because I like sewing; I just like the word ‘haberdashery’, and I reckon I’d be with other ladies of a certain age and we could put the world to rights while sorting wool.

But, that’s a few years off yet. Today I’m here to tell you a bit about their ANYDAY collection. The home range was launched earlier this year, offering affordable choices for making your home a place you’d want to be. We all know how much time we’ve spent at home over the past 18 months or so. Since then, the ANYDAY fashion brand has launched. Its aim is simply style, sustainability and affordability. All good things in my book.


John Lewis ANYDAY collection

Even though the price points for the collection are on the lower end of the scale, this isn’t about throwaway fashion. The John Lewis ANYDAY design team have worked to make each item a building block to your wardrobe, so they are pieces that should last season after season. I particularly like the jumper dresses. Something you can wear at home all day or out of the house without giving up on either comfort or style.

John Lewis ANYDAY collection

1. ANYDAY long line quilted coat 
2. ANYDAY crew neck sweatshirt dress 
3. ANYDAY blue crew neck knitted dress 
4. ANYDAY leather hiker boots 


John Lewis ANYDAY collection

The ANYDAY collection now also covers menswear, so I got him indoors to pick out a couple of items that he likes. He’s a big fan of a jerkin/bodywarmer/gilet – whatever you want to call it! This one comes in five different colours and is made from 100% recycled polyester. He certainly won’t be missed on his daily dog walks in this one. I can spot him a mile away. be safe be seen

John Lewis ANYDAY collection

1. ANYDAY striped cotton long sleeve top 
2. ANYDAY water repellent recycled polyester gilet 
3. ANYDAY relaxed fit ripstop cotton trousers 
4. ANYDAY recycled borg jacket 
5. ANYDAY Colour block canvas trainers 


I’ve always headed to John Lewis for homeware too. They have a great range to choose from and the ANYDAY collection brings the best of affordable and sustainable homeware together in one place. For those of us in smaller homes, space-saving furniture can make room for a longed-for dining area or work zone, while rugs, lighting and accent chairs paired with side tables can be useful for creating zones for those lucky enough to have a larger living room.

1. ANYDAY form accent chair 
2. ANYDAY Terrazzo bulb table lamp 
3. ANYDAY pin leg side table 
4. ANYDAY Berber style rug 
5. ANYDAY blue honey vase 


John Lewis ANYDAY collection

Another little section on the clothes because I am, after all, generally about the clothes. Along with the everyday wear, the ANYDAY collection also includes some great undercrackers and soft bras and vests. I love a good vest, especially a thermal one.

John Lewis ANYDAY collection

1. ANYDAY knitted funnel neck dress 
2. ANYDAY longline puffer coat 
3. ANYDAY thermal camisole top 
4. ANYDAY shaping full briefs 
5. ANYDAY Khaki leather Chelsea boots 


Please ignore the fact that I forgot to hoover underneath my new ANYDAY sideboard. I’ve only just noticed that. This was just the perfect size to house all of those ‘where-shall-we-put-these’ things, and it’s transformed that corner of my dining room from a dumping-ground into a really rather nice little area. I have since hung that mirror on the wall too. I think this sideboard is due back in stock in a couple of weeks.

1. ANYDAY round edged mirror 
2. ANYDAY Portobello vase with handles 
3. Ixia brights dried flowers 
4. ANYDAY annie saffron table lamp
5. ANYDAY fern Oak sideboard 

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday with you 15 piece Fall capsule wardrobe. Hopefully if I can get my act together.

K x

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