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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Amazon Fashion Autumn Edit

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion. I’ve updated it with some more items I have found. Hoping that some are in the special Prime deals this week.  We all know about the big pants by now so I won’t mention them again…whoops, just did. I’ll keep it simple this time with some easy wardrobe staples.  I’m really happy that Amazon now sell Falke tights. For me they are the holy grail of tights. They don’t go baggy, they stay up and they DON’T ladder. I have some pairs that are nearly 10 years old and still going strong. Worth every penny, especially when they are discounted! They’ve also got mini Uggs at 30% off (at the time of writing).

I’ve just bought the fancy electric toothbrush that I’ve had in my basket for months, now it’s 70% its the right time to finally make the purchase. Also, Elemis fans, the great rose balm cleanser is 30% off today.

Here are some more of my picks available on Amazon. I’ve mixed in other items that aren’t fashion that I recommend (spot my Halloween costume for this year, to be worn with my blue boiler suit). There’s Prime deals happening today, 11th October and tomorrow.

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