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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Age inappropriate (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of ‘Bollocks to you all, I’ll wear whatever I bloody well want no matter how old I am’, or words to that effect. Last time we covered the first 3 things you are told not to wear past 40; mini skirts, trendy denim and band t‑shirts. This time round there are the next 3 things that of course you can still wear even if you are well old like me…

4. OTT Shoes


The US website I got this ‘Top 10 things not to wear past 30’ from advised that you should ‘tone down your tootsies, stop buying OTT shoes and stick to classics like a cork wedge or a nude court shoe’ WT actual F? I don’t think so thank you very much (tootsies? really? Cork wedge? Never!). My most favourite thing ever to buy is shoes, and the more OTT the better. I love Red shoes, Gold shoes, Overly buckled boots, Shoes with hearts on them, Shoes with loads of straps, Boots covered in studs, Trainers with Bunny Ears, the list is endless. The great thing about getting older is that you can perhaps justify spending a little bit more on your shoes to get the best ones, or is that just me? I can justify pretty much anything if I put my mind to it, although even I would struggle with those Valentino Cowboy boots, but just look at them! they should be in an art gallery. Fill your boots with a OTT shoe…

5. Leopard Print

leopard prints coat

Personally I think It is totally unacceptable to NOT have at least one item of leopard print in your wardrobe at ANY age, but even more so when you get past 40. The list tells us that ‘Animal print will make you look cheap’, absolutely not! Leopard print is a neutral and can be worn with pretty much anything. If I wanted, I could dress head to toe in it, I have trousers, a shirt, 2 jumpers, a cardigan, 3 pairs of shoes and 2 coats all in leopard print. Obviously I’m not going to do that, but it is quite tempting just for the LOLs…

6. Dungarees


Or as our American friends call them ‘overalls’. I only STARTED wearing these when I got past 40, apart from a brief foray in the early 90’s rave days. I love dungarees so much I wrote a whole post about them. I’ve said before, maybe they are not for the office, although I have worn mine to office on more than one occasion, but If you dress them right you can get away with them at most places. If you are new to the dungaree game, maybe stick to black. Black is always good…

The final 4 items that I am defiantly (and definitely) wearing over 40 will be up soon. Check back in with me in a few days.

K x

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